Why the Coronavirus Quarantine is an Ideal Time to Get Sober

While there is seemingly no “perfect” time to get sober, a global pandemic might make it just a little bit easier. If you’re coming to the realization that it is time for you to finally get help for your addiction, now is a great time. Learn why the coronavirus quarantine is an ideal time to get sober, and what you can start doing today.

Coronavirus Quarantine is an Ideal Time to Get Sober: Logistics

One of the reasons why coronavirus quarantine is a good time to get sober is because logistics might be on your side now. Figuring out certain day-to-day logistics can be a major roadblock for many people who need recovery, so taking advantage of this rare opportunity can be your ideal chance of getting sober.

  • Changes in your job: Perhaps your job has moved to a virtual one, you may be paid time off or you are able to take advantage of unemployment opportunities at this time. Whatever your experience is, you likely aren’t in settings you’d normally be in, which might help distance you from situations that got in the way of sobriety. In addition, it is much easier to go to treatment without too many people from work needing to know.
  • Events on hold: Right now, many important events are on hold such as weddings, graduations, and the like. There aren’t as many birthday parties or other celebratory events you will need to attend in the near future.
  • Saving money: Right now, everyone is hunkered down at home. Not spending money is much easier than normal because places are closed–including places such as bars and clubs that hinder you from getting sober. There is no better time to make an investment in your future than now.

Priorities are Shifting for Everybody

During the coronavirus quarantine, priorities are shifting for everybody. Things that were once important are suddenly not, and people everywhere are having to establish new ways to spend their time and figure out new daily routines.

Even though some of these changes are small, such as going for runs around the neighborhood instead of going to the gym, some of them can be much larger like getting sober. Changing your mindset during this time may lead to a healthier outcome by taking steps to get clean.

Quarantine and Social Distancing Can be Triggering

Another reason coronavirus quarantine is an ideal time to get sober is because these uncertain times that we’re living in now can bring on high levels of stress and anxiety. A million thoughts and questions may be running through your mind, only to be battling thoughts and anxiety over all the news stories going on right now. All of this stress can be extremely triggering and can lead you down a dark path.

In addition, social distancing can be extremely isolating for people without a strong support system. Not being able to do what you want when you want to do it, see who you want when you want to see them, or just living life as you normally would be very triggering.

With nothing to do but sit at home, with a seemingly free pass to neglect all of life’s responsibilities, it can be very easy to spend your time using.

This is why it’s important to consider the coronavirus quarantine as a gift for getting sober—because it is easy to avoid all of these scenarios by entering treatment. Getting treatment right now will very likely save your life. Spend this quarantine time wisely by investing in yourself, without having to worry about the usual roadblocks.

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