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Cliffside Malibu Staff

Welcome to Cliffside Malibu! Each and every member of our staff is dedicated to assisting each resident on their own unique path to sobriety. From our resident advisors to our program director, we all view residents as the individuals they are, and offer them our greatest care. Our mission, as a staff, is to offer residents suffering from substance dependence the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in recovery from which they can build a life free of alcohol and drugs.


Kelly Stephenson
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Craig Smith
Dr. Craig Smith
Medical Director


Natalie Shorten LVN-Lead Resident Health Advisor
Natalie Shorten
LVN – Lead Resident Health Advisor
Chelsea McElwain LVN-Lead Resident Health Advisor
Chelsea McElwain
LVN – Lead Resident Health Advisor
Kelsea Shorten LVN-Resident Health Advisor
Kelsea Shorten
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Michelle Jones RN-Resident Health Advisor
Michelle Jones
Registered Nurse


Karen Rubenstein LMFT - Clinical Program Director
Karen Rubenstein
LMFT – Chief Clinical Officer
Britney Stearns AMFT
Britney Stearns
AMFT – Program Therapist
Nika Kalili LMFT
Nika Kalili
LMFT – Program Therapist
Britney Elyse LMFT - Program Therapist
Britney Elyse
LMFT – Clinical Director
Jonathan Mozenter LMFT
Jonathan Mozenter
LFMT – Group Facilitator


David Vaknin Facilities Manager
David Vaknin
Admissions Coordinator
Dane Fisher CADC-I - Manager of Client Operations
Dane Fisher
Executive Director of Operations
Peter Hoang Admissions Coordinator
Peter Hoang
Admissions Coordinator
Shannon Powell Admissions Coordinator
Shannon Powell
Director of Admissions
Brenna Nelson Admissions Assistant
Brenna Nelson
Admissions Assistant


Sarah Brodsky Massage Therapist
Sarah Brodsky
Massage Therapist
Bryan Hyman Yoga Instructor
Bryan Hyman
Yoga Instructor
Keli Vargo Massage Therapist
Kelli Vargo
Massage Therapist
Corey West Personal Trainer
Corey West
Personal Fitness Trainer
Adam Greenburg Acupuncturist
Adam Greenberg


Mathew Malloy Sr. Lead RA
Mathew Malloy
Manager of Client Operations
Jordan Payton-Fearnley Lead RA
Jordan Payton-Fearnley
Behavioral Tech Supervisor
Jeremiah Hernandez Lead RA
Jeremiah Hernadez
Admissions Coordinator
Jonathan Kim Lead RA
Jonathan Kim
Residential Counselor
Stefanie Kosha Lead RA
Stefanie Kosha
Behavioral Tech Supervisor
Alex Cresswell Lead RA
Alex Cresswell
Behavioral Tech Supervisor
Antoinette Williams CADC-II-Lead - RA
Antoinette Williams
CADC-II – Behavioral Tech Supervisor
Ben Hinkle RA
Ben Hinkle
Behavioral Tech Supervisor
Roxie Konis RA
Roxie Konis
Behavioral Tech Supervisor


Jackie Brown Client Care Asst.
Jackie Brown
Alumni Coordinator

All physicians are independent contractors and contract individually with their particular clients to provide the most comfortable medically assisted detox and or medication management possible. We contract with talented group facilitators with a range of expertise to provide our clients with a full, robust experience through a variety of interventions to insure a complete, holistic experience.


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