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Why Choose Cliffside?

Why choose the Cliffside Malibu addiction treatment center? The answer is simple. We want you to go to treatment once and recover for good. Below are the factors that set us apart from other treatment centers:

We recognize the root cause of addiction as pain/trauma; most other treatment centers don’t address this.

We use the Stages of Change Model as the foundation for our psychologically based treatment and are endorsed by one of the world’s leading psychologists.

We use individualized, holistic therapies in conjunction with psychotherapy.


We stand by our commitment to your success.

Other treatment centers simply don’t stand behind their treatment programs. Most importantly, we really only want the client to come to treatment once – so that the client is in the world leading a happy, productive life. That is our main goal.


We recognize the root cause of addiction as pain/trauma.

Most treatment programs are 12-step based. While 12-step programs were cutting-edge 75 years ago, they do not address the underlying causes of addiction. At best, for those with trauma or abuse or neglect or many other forms of pain in their backgrounds, they are a Band Aid solution. We use 12-steps only as an adjunct to other forms of therapy.


We use the stages of change model as the foundation of our treatment protocol.

Dr. James Prochaska, creator of the Stages of Change model and one of the world’s most quoted psychologists has endorsed the treatment protocol as described in our #1 bestselling book on, Ending Addiction for Good.


We do not believe or treat you as if you are diseased.

In the disease model, the client is demoralized by being told that s/he has an incurable illness from which people most often do not recover. The best that can be hoped for is management. We use a positive psychological approach that doesn’t focus as much on what is wrong with you, but on what is RIGHT with you. We use our clients’ assets to help them design lives they can be proud of.


We understand and use the neuroscience of addiction to help people recover.

Remember that 12-step model, the one that tells you you’re powerless? That’s not the whole story. What research has proven is that while addiction affects the brain, the brain can be changed – both in its structure and chemistry – so that you really can change your life. But you have to be part of a treatment protocol that uses neuroscience to your advantage. You’ll get that support at Cliffside Malibu.


We use individualized, holistic therapies in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Everything at Cliffside is personalized for YOU. Every member of our team is invested in you and your recovery. You won’t simply go from one group to the next; you will be given access to literally every type of therapy – for mind, body and spirit – from yoga to equine therapy to individualized activity-based therapy – to create a synergistic effect with your psychotherapy. These adjunctive efforts create the brain change that leads to lasting recovery.


We address co-occurring disorders.

We are certainly not the only treatment center to treat addicts with an array of other co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. However, in addition to standard psychological and psychiatric interventions, we also have our holistic therapies to complement those standard practices. Just as with addiction, when the underlying stressors and pain are addressed holistically – on the levels of mind, body, and spirit – many of these co-occurring disorders begin to diminish or disappear. Again, it’s about getting to the root of the problem and understanding how to change the brain to react to issues in a more positive way.


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