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Family Program

Drug and alcohol addiction is a family crisis. It has affected the family in every negative way possible, and if addiction has been in your family for a long period of time, you have learned how to navigate its effects. The purpose of the Cliffside Malibu Family Program is to prepare and educate families and individuals with information about substance use disorder (SUD) and the underlying issues that fuel the behavior that ultimately leads to destructive relationship patterns.

Couple hugging at the family program at Cliffside Malibu, an addiction treatment center in Malibu, California.

Programming for Families

Our monthly comprehensive family program incorporates not only the individual’s stage of readiness but also the families’ current stage of change. Our program is designed to educate and work with individuals and their families in a group atmosphere supported by addictionologists, doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and certified addiction specialists.

Individuals and family members will have a better understanding of the Stages of Change Model, codependency, family roles, boundaries, psychopharmacology, brain neuroanatomy, depression, anxiety, better communication skills and other related topics. Family members and/or significant others will have the opportunity to explore their own influences on the family dynamic. Additionally, if clinically appropriate, Cliffside offers weekly family therapy.

What to Expect at Monthly Family Meetings

The thought of attending a meeting with your loved one who is in recovery may bring about mixed feelings. So, to help you understand what to expect, here’s a quick look of what happens at the monthly Cliffside Malibu Family Program:

  • Introductions from therapists, case managers, aftercare specialists and alumni coordinators
  • Presentation on the Cliffside Malibu clinical philosophy
  • Process group with other visiting families
  • Family-patient group therapy facilitated by one of our therapists
  • Gourmet lunch prepared by our very own Cliffside Malibu chef

We look forward to spending time with you and your family so that everyone can understand each other and finally heal together.


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