Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to chat, email or call us with your questions.


  • Do you accept my insurance?

    We accept most private insurances. There are a few that we do not. We can verify your benefits to determine what your coverage is and also determine if you have any exclusions.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Malibu CA, which is in LA County. Just north of Zuma Beach.

  • How long is your program?

    We offer all levels of care.  Typically the programs begin with 30 days.

  • Will my loved one get help for his depression/anxiety/bipolar?

    Yes, we are a dual diagnosis treatment facility. Clients meet with their therapists for intensive one-on-one psychotherapy. The forms of therapy offered are DBT, CBT, neurofeedback, among others.

  • Can I involve my family in my treatment?

    Yes! Cliffside offers family programming every Saturday with educational sessions for your loved ones. Residents may have family sessions with your individual therapist if you wish.

  • Is yours an AA program?

    A lot of rehabs advertise them as “non-AA”. Cliffside truly embraces the one-size-does-not-fit-all philosophy. Our programs are evidence-based and are constantly evolving to include the latest proven method of individualized therapy. Cliffside Treatment is based on the Stages of Change model.  If clients aren’t interested in AA, they facilitate recovery through SMART Recovery or other meditative, spiritual, educational or supportive technique.

    Our treatment is rounded out with yoga, massage, meditation, Tai Chi, fitness instruction, hiking, beach walks and beautiful views.

  • Can I attend 12-step meetings while I'm at Cliffside?

    While Cliffside Malibu is not a 12-step program, we do provide transportation to 12-step meetings daily for our clients who are interested in participating in that program. We also provide transportation to Refuge Recovery and SMART Recovery for clients interested in 12-step alternative communities.

Your Stay at Cliffside

  • Is there a doctor on site?

    We work with a team of physicians and psychiatrists who are experts in addiction and who are available 24/7 via concierge services. Clients meet regularly with their doctors as needed.

  • How often will I see my individual therapist?

    You’ll interact with psychotherapists daily, and will be assigned a personal therapist with whom you will meet regularly for individual sessions. Treatment plans at Cliffside are individualized based on the needs of our clients. Generally, clients in residential care see their individual therapists for two sessions each week, and clients in outpatient care see their therapists once a week.

  • Will I have a roommate?

    Yes, when using your insurance you will be with a roommate. Private rooms are available when paying privately.

  • Are the houses co-ed?

    Cliffside Malibu’s residential treatment and sober living houses are all co-ed.

  • Can I have my phone, laptop, etc.?

    Yes, you can have your electronics after the first 72 hours. Also, our rooms are furnished with wi-fi, flat-screen TVs, DVRs, comfortable bedding, and all the luxuries of home.

  • Will there be a TV in my room?

    Yes! Every bedroom and living room at each of our houses is equipped with a flat-screen television and a premium cable package.

  • What kind of food do you serve?

    The house is staffed with professional chefs.  The meals are prepared and served in the dining room. You will have three meals and day and snacks. We provide organic locally grown food whenever possible. If you have specific dietary concerns, we are able to accommodate.

  • Will I be able to have visitors?

    Of course! We have visiting hours on the weekends.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    On a case by case basis.  In most cases, we can make special arrangements to accommodate your dog.

  • Can I smoke?

    Yes.  Just outside.

  • Besides psychotherapy, what kinds of activities will I be able to participate in?

    We offer a wide range of activities as part of our weekly program schedules including personal training sessions, hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains, beach walks, massage, and yoga. At Cliffside we believe that your downtime is important and we’ve created a pristine environment to relax poolside or in the garden with a good book.

  • Do residents perform chores at Cliffside?

    Residents do not have assigned chores at Cliffside! Our hospitality staff is happy to take care of you during your stay. Your focus at Cliffside will be on your treatment.

  • What should I bring with me to treatment?

    We recommend you bring comfortable clothes and shoes and plan to spend time at the beach or by the pool! We offer free laundry services with daily pickups, so there’s no need to over-pack. Bring a few good books and some sunscreen!


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