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Treatment of Addiction

Whether you want to believe it or not, accepting treatment for drug addiction is the only way you can overcome your addiction. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it because you do not have the strength to stop abusing drugs on your own or you would have done it already. Now, what you need to realize is that accepting treatment for drug addiction is not a sign of weakness, but rather it is a sign of strength.

Out of the millions of people who seek treatment for addiction every year, many of them go on to use again even after getting clean. The truth is that addiction is more than just a physical issue. There are many reasons why people develop substance use disorder and they are often deeply embedded in the psychology of the individual. Without addressing the core issues that drive a person towards addictive substances, it is often impossible to make a permanent lasting recovery. That’s why when it comes to getting treatment for addiction, it’s important to find a facility that works with the patient on every aspect of their health. Addiction treatment can be a difficult journey, but getting professional guidance from a qualified treatment facility will provide the best chance of making a complete recovery that changes one’s life for the better.

Look for a Supportive Treatment Facility

Professional substance use disorder treatment facilities are essential for a majority of people to heal from their addiction. When someone is addicted or dependent on drugs and alcohol it is often impossible to reach sobriety on their own. Having qualified help is important throughout the recovery process. From the first minute of detox to the last day of treatment, patients need the guidance, knowledge and support of qualified professionals who can guide them towards a successful recovery. The right drug treatment facility will work with patients to establish a personalized treatment plan that works for their needs. It will provide the medical, therapeutic and environmental measures required to create a lasting and comprehensive recovery.

Enrolling in a Drug Treatment Program

Before going into treatment, many people choose to discuss their options with a physician before enrolling. At Cliffside Malibu, we often collaborate with our patients’ personal physicians in order to better understand their condition and coordinate on a treatment plan. Lifestyles and personal values are also important to consider, as they can play a significant role in the therapeutic side of one’s recovery.

Cliffside Malibu - Dual Diagnosis Behavioral and Mood Disorders

With these things in mind, it is also important for patients to understand what to expect from drug and alcohol treatment. Certain aspects of treatment are unavoidable, but they may not be what many people expect. For example, detox is a necessary step for ridding one’s body of addictive substances. Though one can certainly expect a level of discomfort, that doesn’t mean it’s the same as detoxing on one’s own. Having qualified and compassionate staff to help you can ensure that discomfort is kept to a minimum and all available safety precautions are at hand. Patients should also know that treatment programs don’t necessarily end with detox alone. Beating the physical side of addiction is just one step to creating a lasting recovery. A comprehensive treatment program like ours will go further to examine the psychological side of addiction and develop strategies for adapting to one’s life as a drug-free human being.

The Drug Treatment Process

After enrolling and learning about what to expect from treatment, individuals will find that the treatment center will act as a support system, providing the necessary tools and guidance for recovery. The goal is to do more than simply get clean; it’s to create the right changes in every aspect of a person’s life in order to enable them to live soberly going forward.

For many, it begins with detoxing, which is often the part that many people feel the most apprehensive about. Withdrawal symptoms can certainly be intimidating, but with the help of treatment center staff, they can absolutely be managed in a safer and more comfortable way than anyone could do alone. Having these skilled and compassionate professionals to rely on makes an enormous difference when it comes to getting through the detox process successfully and comfortably. Following this, we can begin to work on the underlying factors of one’s addiction and develop the right foundation needed to stay sober. There are multiple forms this can take, from various kinds of therapy to holistic treatments and much more. Everyone’s case is unique, which is why no two treatment plans can be the same. The right treatment is always the one that addresses the patient’s individual needs, which means understanding their perspective and building off of who they are rather than what one thinks they should be.

Treatment at Cliffside Malibu

Our drug and alcohol treatment facility at Cliffside Malibu provides an environment that’s safe, secure, compassionate and luxurious. We offer the most individualized and effective evidence-based treatment programs to help those who’ve developed an addiction to find their way to full and lasting recovery. Our expert, industry-leading staff members work closely with patients during all stages of their stay and tailor the treatment to their needs, making any adjustments required to ensure success. We employ a range of traditional and alternative treatments in our programs including the following:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Interpersonal neurobiology
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Family programs
  • Nutrition and exercise programs
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Yoga
  • And more

Whatever it is our patients need to create a full and lasting recovery, we’ll be there to work with them and support them. In addition, our patients all have access to luxury accommodations, gourmet meals and a variety of engaging recreational activities. All this at a facility located between the mountains and the ocean, creating the perfect scenery to fully immerse into. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t hesitate to call us at (855) 980-5281 as soon as possible. With our help, it could very well be the best call you’ve ever made.


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