Four Reasons to Get Sober this Easter


Spring is a time of incredible transformations. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that freezes over the winter, the ground is usually just thawing out around this annual holiday that marks the end of winter and the long lead up to summer. Finding the “right” time to quit using your drug of choice may seem like an impossible decision; when is the “right” time to change your life for the better? But as intimidating as the change may seem, Easter is the perfect opportunity to begin your journey in recovery. Here are four reasons you shouldn’t wait any longer to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and start embracing a life in recovery.


  1. Spring is a second chance for resolutions.

    Maybe you made a commitment to yourself or your loved ones that this year you’d stop using drugs only to watch January come and go without a change. The onset of spring and everything that it stands for – renewal, rebirth, growth – provides an excellent opportunity for second-round resolutions. There’s even a chance that because your current start date would be on your own terms, you’ll be more likely to stick with it.


  1. Easter is about surprises.

    This Sunday children all over the United States will wake up early on Sunday morning to hunt for the eggs their parents have hidden for them. Chances are good that if you live near family and celebrate Easter, you’ll be heading to a family event of some kind to mark the holiday. Why not give the people you care for the ultimate gift this Sunday and let them know you’re ready to enter recovery?


  1. Renewal means letting go.

    Have you ever come home from a successful shopping trip only to realize you have no room for your new purchases? In order to take in new things, we often must make space by letting go of the things that no longer work for us. If you are considering making room for sobriety in your life this Easter, it’s important to keep in mind what has to go in addition to what you’re taking on. The people who doubted you’d be able to quit? Out. The friends and loved ones who have stuck by your side throughout the throws of addiction? Find a way for them to find recovery too.


  1. Why not?

    Seriously, why not? Deciding to begin or end any pattern of behavior that’s been a major part of your life can be challenging; you’ll want to stack the deck in your favor whatever way you can. Aligning your new commitment with a time of the year or holiday that holds a special meaning for you as well as sharing your decision with close friends and loved ones who will support you along the way sets you up for prolonged success. And when it comes to ending the hold addiction has over you and your life, do you really need another reason to let it go?


Pastels and Easter bunnies aside, what this Easter holds for you is up to you; take up a new season’s resolution, plan a small event with your family in town or just reflect on all the things you want to let go of. If you are ready to embark on a new life that sees you fulfilling your true potential without addiction, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to find yourself anew.