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Detoxification Anybody who has suffered through an alcohol or drug addiction can tell you the worst part is the detoxification process….

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Cocaine is one of the oldest and most dangerous of the addictive drugs illicitly manufactured and sold in the world today….

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Are you an alcoholic?

Are you an alcoholic? 20 Questions that only you can answer: Are you an alcoholic? To find out, ask yourself the…

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What Are The Main Therapies Used to Help Get Me to Lasting Recovery?
What is a 12 Step Programs

What is a 12 Step Programs? 12 step programs have been a major part of helping addicts recover before, during and…

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12 Step Program and Meetings

It is suggested that patients attend daily 12 step meetings and speak with their primary counselors about their experience of the…

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Recovery From Addiction

Recovery From Addiction For a person with substance use disorder, life is an unending quest to feel better. And often, a…

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Approaches to Addiction Recovery and Treatment

Approaches to Addiction Recovery and Treatment Drug and alcohol addictions are pervasive in today’s society. There probably isn’t one person out…

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Drug Treatment – Length of Stay Makes a Difference

Drug Treatment – Length of Stay Makes a Difference It has been proven that drug treatment works. It not only restores…

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Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol Rehabilitation Alcoholism has finally been classified as what it truly is, a disease. In fact, it has been scientifically proven…

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