Insight-Oriented Therapy

Insight-Oriented Therapy helps the individual understand how patterns that are repeated in adult life actually have a genesis in their formative years. Many people question why they are inclined to enter unhealthy relationships and situations with the expectation of a different outcome. Cycles of repetition are a hallmark feature in people who have problems with drugs/alcohol. In a nonjudgmental environment our therapists guide individuals in a variety of forums—individual, group, art, and equine—in a process of illumination of the causes of these old patterns, essentially making what was unconscious conscious. By helping individuals become aware of these underpinnings they have more freedom to make healthier choices for themselves.

Cliffside Malibu offers the finest clinical care in the most luxurious setting of Malibu California. Resting high up in the Santa Monica Mountains, Cliffside’s treatment center is an oasis of stunning views of the pacific ocean and Malibu beaches. This exclusive location provides our clients with the privacy and exclusion they need in order to focus on their road to recovery and sobriety.

The team of staff members at Cliffside Malibu are on hand 24 hours a day to provide top-notch care and support, in addition to providing endless services of pampered luxury. Cliffside Malibu is a premier drug and alcohol rehab center with the amenities and look of a five star hotel.


We at Cliffside Malibu believe that while undergoing treatment and rehabilitation, it is important for our patients to be rejuvenated and restored to their healthy and strong selfs. Therefore, we offer the finest of spa services, trips to the beach, hikes in the mountains and have chefs on-hand throughout the day preparing organic, gourmet meals. Cliffside Malibu is here to provide for each patient’s individual needs and to revitalize our patients to the best of our abilities.

There is no other rehab center that offers such luxuries and services, in additional and most importantly providing second to none treatment and clinical care.


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