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Those who choose to get help for drug abuse or drug addiction from a treatment center that offers particularly high quality, individualized, evidence-based treatment are more likely to recover than those who attempt to recover on their own. Have you ever tried to implement a new exercise regimen? Wouldn’t you be more likely to succeed at making that change if you had a team of caring and skilled experts to support and guide you than if you did it on your own? Treatment is no different. If you can find a drug rehab facility that boasts a team of industry leading professionals, your chances of recovery soar.


Addiction recovery is a major undertaking. It requires a complete life change. If addicts could change on their own, they would. No one wants to throw their life away or live the sad and lonely life of a person with substance use disorder. No one wants to hurt and disappoint their family and friends the way addicts do. But without professional help, few addicts are able to recover. In treatment, addicts are given the safety, security, and support they need to change. First, in detox, the addict is safely separated from his drug of choice by industry-leading professionals. This process should never be done alone or without the help of a medical professional. With the right help, detox can be made comfortable and the side-effects and symptoms of withdrawal managed. Next, with the help of a dedicated psychotherapist and other caring professionals, the addict is provided the resources necessary to face the underlying causes of his/her addiction and learn the skills required to recover. The need to use simply fades away. As the addict’s life becomes filled with new purpose and loving relationships, the desire to use diminishes. Recovery is built with support and community.


You know you or someone you love needs help, but where do you turn? How do you choose a treatment program that is best for you? As you read through the brochures and the websites, you’ll find that while every treatment center talks about what it can do for you, they say very little about their actual success rates. Which program does what it says it will? Is any treatment program anything other than a revolving door?

Cliffside Malibu will put an end to your search. We are an elite, high-end treatment center that has proven results.

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It has been said that people spend more time choosing their next car than they do choosing a person with substance use disorderion treatment program. Some people choose a treatment program solely from looking at a website or seeing a television commercial. This occurs in large part because people don’t know what questions to ask. But choosing a treatment program is a big deal. This is the program that is going to be the foundation for the rest of your life, the program that will, if well chosen, save your life. Don’t pick at random. Invest in yourself and the quality of life you want for the next thirty, forty, or fifty years.


An intervention may be necessary if an individual is unwilling to go to treatment without the love and support of the important people in his/her life. Generally, addicts who are resistant to treatment have one of two worldviews. They might be in deep denial, unaware of the extent of their problem. In this case, they need the support of loved ones to gently open their eyes to the need for treatment. Alternatively, addicts may believe they are too far gone for help, that treatment cannot help them. These addicts need to hear that they are loved and that there is hope. In either case, a professional interventionist is required to help the family know what to say and how to approach the addict in order to get them into treatment. Our intake specialist will help you decide whether or not an intervention is needed for your loved one.


Quality drug treatment can be expensive and many families get sticker shock when they hear how much treatment costs. Remember, recovering from addiction is a life decision. If your loved one had cancer, would you make your treatment decisions based on cost? Addiction treatment is no different. Choose the best treatment available for the optimal chance of recovery.

While certainly not the most expensive treatment center, Cliffside Malibu is “expensive.” What are you paying for at Cliffside? We offer the highest quality protocol provided by the industry’s leading treatment professionals. Your treatment will be individualized so that you will get the care you need to recover, not low-cost groups to fill your day. We also keep a full-time addiction researcher on staff, to review the latest findings in psychology, medicine, neuroscience, and complementary medicine to ensure that we are incorporating the best science into our treatment protocol.

Further, we take care of your needs. You will not be forced to make your bed at a certain time or engage in communal chores. Instead, you will live in comfort so that you can fully focus on recovery. In other words, you’re paying for the opportunity to succeed. We only want to treat you once. Less expensive treatment centers that don’t meet your needs can cost you far more in the long run.

Undoubtedly, cost is a consideration when choosing a treatment center. So when you are choosing, consider the future costs of drugs not purchased, nights spent sleeping instead of worrying about your loved one, cars not crashed, emergency room visits that will not be necessary, and the potential to spend decades with someone you love. That’s the real cost consideration when thinking about addiction treatment.


From the moment you call Cliffside Malibu, you will be welcomed as part of our family. In an intake phone call, we’ll discuss with you the nature of your or your loved one’s problem. We’ll decide together whether or not an intervention is called for and will make decisions to quickly get you or the one you love into treatment. You’ve suffered enough. The time for recovery is now. Once at the treatment center, you will experience an environment of care and support. First, you will experience a safe, comfortable medical detox.

Once you have been successfully separated from your drug(s) of choice, you will integrate into our treatment program. This will be created just for you by your personal therapist. You will work with your therapist to uncover and work through the root cause(s) of your addiction and gain life skills so that you won’t need to use again.

Additionally, you’ll participate in a wide range of complementary therapies including but not limited to: acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation, personal athletic training. All the while, you’ll be in a luxurious home, complete with maid service, chef-cooked nutritious meals, and every amenity to make your stay comfortable.

When you are ready to leave treatment, to step down to a lower level of care and resume a drug-free life outside of treatment, we will work with you to create a complete aftercare program, incorporating all the treatments that helped you recover in the treatment center and which need to be continued outside the treatment center. Remember, recovery doesn’t “end” when you leave treatment. This is a lifestyle change that will be part of the rest of your life. We are with you until you no longer need us to maintain your recovery on your own.

Life at Cliffside


Treatment programs at Cliffside Malibu have been designed to facilitate a full recovery from addiction.

Life After Cliffside


The goal of treatment is to create within you the skills and ability to remain clean and sober at home.

Why Cliffside?


The answer is simple. We want you to go to treatment once and recover for good.

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