New City Councilmember Mike Bonin Overcame Addiction

USC Annenberg TV reports on the election of Mike Bonin to the Los Angeles City Council in an online segment last week.  Mr. Bonin’s personal history of overcoming addiction – about which he speaks openly — brought him more attention than your average candidate. He recently celebrated 18 years of being sober.  But while many in his position may hide such a history, Bonin has made no secret about how his past struggles have inspired his political aspirations. Clearly the voters are inspired as well.  In 1989, Bonin was a recent Harvard graduate with everything going for him, but Alcoholism nearly derailed his dreams. Now, elected by a landslide vote after his first ever bid for office, Bonin is primed to make an impact in Los Angeles and says that his fight to conquer his addiction has colored his views on serving the public.  It’s clear that the area needs his help. Bonin has made combating homelessness a particular priority, with a focus on aiding children and runaways. ATVN reports:  “According to the LA Almanac, there are more than 3,500 homeless on the Westside and 33 to 66 percent of homeless are involved with substance abuse.”

Politicians can be known for keeping their private manners away from the public. But one of Los Angeles City Council’s newest members, Mike Bonin, shared how his past has brought him to where he is today: serving a district which includes Venice, an area for high homeless and drug addiction population. …“The experience of having gone through addiction and getting sober has given me a different perspective on how you approach government. It gives me a belief that everyone has value and nobody is beyond the capability to change,” said Bonin.


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