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Alumni Services


The Cliffside staff’s entire goal is to create happy thriving alumni. There is nothing better for us to be the process of having our clients come in lost and broken and leaving healthy and full of life. Our alumni are our ambassadors of how successful our program is. From the proven evidence-based approach to our compassionate and caring staff, all efforts are pointed towards the day a client becomes alumni.

Alumni Services Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center


Cliffside wants alumni to become forever part of the Cliffside family and that is why we have created a special meeting for Alumni to return every Wednesday evening to speak to current clients. Sharing their stories and inspiration that there is hope and it can work. Cliffside alumni travel from all over the country to attend these meetings as they know how much they helped them when they thought that nothing would work and were hopeless. Clients gain the inspiration and hope they need to keep taking one step at a time to overcome their addiction, striving for a peaceful, happy life.

There are also gender-specific meetings that take place every Friday night that alumni participate in, that further help current clients gain the confidence that being clean and sober is achievable. These gender-specific meetings allow for more intimate conversations to take place making the healing process seem to accelerate.

Cliffside Malibu - Alumni


Alumni are our greatest joy and we look forward to every Wednesday and Friday evening. Hearing their stories make the journey attainable and the joy that comes from them creates lasting memories for Cliffside staff and clients alike.


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