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Narcotic Painkillers

Narcotic pain killers like Vicodin are highly addictive drugs. Many people think because they’re prescribed that they’re completely safe. But it can be very easy to become addicted to this type of drug. The temptation to take a little more than prescribed or to take them more often than they’re prescribed can get you into big trouble. If you’re in this position, call Cliffside Malibu today for help. We’ve helped other people beat their addiction to prescription pain drugs and we can help you to.

Narcotic pain killers like Vicodin and OxyContin are opiates. They fall into the same general class of drug like heroin. So these drugs are not easy to get off of once you’re addicted. But you can do it with help. Cliffside Malibu offers the help that you need. You can recover in luxury surroundings with amenities like those offered at a fine resort hotel. Don’t you deserve the best when you’re trying to heal and essentially save your life? You might not think of narcotic pain killers as something life-threatening in most cases. But they do damage to your body over time. For more information about pain killers and drug addiction call (424) 320-3061.

Narcotic Painkillers Abuse

Abuse of narcotic painkillers is not an uncommon problem. Some people have prescriptions that they’ve been taking for a very long time. They’ve taken them for so long that they don’t even try to go without the drugs. If they did try to go without the drugs, they would go through what’s known as withdrawal. This is the time when the drugs are leaving your system and you’re not replacing them with new drugs. It can be a frightening and painful experience, and in some extreme cases can even be life-threatening.

When you come to Cliffside Malibu for treatment, we manage your withdrawal symptoms so that you stay comfortable while you’re in detox. There’s no need for you to suffer through symptoms or to be miserable to get off narcotic pain killers. After detox, you start the hard work of painkiller addiction therapy. But you get to do it in luxurious and lush surroundings that rival those of a fine hotel.


You can beat prescription drug addiction at Cliffside Malibu. Our luxury rehab center is set high in the Malibu, California hillside. We overlook the beautiful Pacific Ocean, a view you can wake up to every morning. While you’re recovering from narcotic pain killers, you can work on other aspects of your health too. Work out with a personal trainer. Or exercise in our swimming pool.

Try yoga, acupuncture, or other alternative therapies. Nourish your body with gourmet, balanced meals prepared by our chef. Meditate in a beautiful garden or take a walk around our landscaped and spacious grounds. Enjoy our private beach access or our sun deck. Or relax in your room when plasma TV and broadband wireless Internet access. You deserve this level of treatment so call us today.


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