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Painkiller Rehab

Pain, whether physical or psychological, is part of life. From the acute pain of surgery to common headaches, the trauma of assault to a falling out with a loved one, we all feel pain...and no one likes it. In this country, to deal with pain we take pain medications.

In some cases, for those with horribly painful terminal diseases or a few hours or days out of surgery, these medications are necessary and helpful. However, for some, after the appropriate use of the medication ends, they find that they can’t stop taking the drug.

It has quieted some other pain, fed some other need inside. This is how addiction to prescription painkillers often begins – with the sensation that things are just a little bit more manageable with the drug than without it.

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Prescription pain medications are so addictive that the need for them sneaks up on most people. One recent study shows that 75% of those people who seek addiction treatment for abuse of prescription painkillers originally received their prescriptions from doctors. People don’t intend to become prescription painkiller addicts; it just happens.

This means that in treatment, we see a lot of people who didn’t believe addiction could happen to them. These are men and women who don’t fit the profile of the “traditional” addict. Prescription painkiller addicts can be teens or moms or even the elderly. Many do not have a history of addiction in their past or in their families. Painkiller addiction is insidious; it can sneak up on anyone.

To break free, you will need help. Treatment offers the opportunity for a safe, relatively comfortable detox and the support you need to stay away from drugs in the future. We will help you uncover the root cause of your addiction–the emotional pain about which you may not have even been aware–that allowed addiction to get a foothold in your life. We’ll help with your family too, putting together the pieces of broken relationships so that you will have a whole life again.


The most important factor in choosing a treatment center is to find one that uses evidence-based treatment and has a proven track record of success. Did you know that most treatment centers do not follow or divulge their treatment outcomes? Can you imagine going to a hospital that did not track or refused to tell you what percentage of its patients got better under its treatment and how many succumbed to their problem? You would never go to a hospital like that! Why would you accept any less from a treatment center?

Evidence-based treatment protocols are scientifically proven methods that have been shown to improve treatment outcomes. In other words, they work. No one treatment “cures” addiction, but when you put together enough quality, proven therapies into a daily, individualized program of recovery, something almost magical happens – people get better. No matter what treatment program you choose, you want to make sure it has a proven record of success. You deserve nothing less.

We know that treatment does not need to be a revolving door of failure after failure. There is no need to receive treatment three, four, seven, or a dozen times. Continued “revolving door” access to the same treatment centers over and over again proves that that treatment isn’t working. Stay away from treatment centers that look for repeat business.

At Cliffside Malibu, we want to be the only or last treatment program you go to. Our treatments are evidence-based and endorsed by some of the leading psychologists and medical doctors in the world. There is no need to suffer from addiction. We can help.

For prescription painkiller addiction in particular, you want to choose a treatment center that offers a medically supervised detox and has a wide range of individualized programs for those with this sort of addiction. Those who become addicted to prescription painkillers come from a wide variety of backgrounds; they must be treated individually. Further, stay away from “rapid” detox programs. These can be medically dangerous, with complications including death. Using our medically supervised detox, clients experience little more than mild flu-like symptoms. Recovery can be safe and comfortable.

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From the first call, we will welcome you at Cliffside Malibu. Every member of our team is caring and compassionate. Our treatment professionals are industry-leaders who will meet you at your current stage of development– physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and create for you an individualized treatment plan that will support your recovery. We will help you in every way possible to create for yourself the life you’ve always wanted. This support does not stop when you leave our care. We provide aftercare programs for all of our clients, to match your commitment to your recovery with the help you need to be successful outside of treatment. The treatment process is collaborative and supportive. You will feel in every way safe and protected on your recovery journey.

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You’ve probably heard that success in treatment relies heavily on your level of willingness to “do the work.” That is partially true. On occasion, we meet individuals who truly have no interest in recovering. But those cases are rare. For the most part, we find people are unsure of what they need to recover and need support to know that recovery is possible. Relapse and death need not be the rule for those with addiction. You can lead a person with substance use disorderion-free life. We can show you how. Treatment success really has as much to do with the treatment program you choose as your willingness to recover, though both are important.

When choosing a treatment program, consider these important factors:

  • Longer-term treatment is more successful than short-term treatment. Research shows that 90-120 days is the general amount of time it takes for treatment to be successful. (NIDA)
  • Individualized programs are most successful at meeting client goals. Can you imagine going to the doctor with a broken arm and receiving the exact same treatment as everyone else with a broken bone? You’d leave immediately! Some clients require some services and others need a different approach. Choose a treatment center that is prepared to meet your individual needs.
  • Quality of staff matters. Cliffside Malibu employs industry leading professionals to provide treatment. We don’t have “techs” leading groups or ship clients off to endless 12-step meetings to manage costs. Rather, our professionals are committed to your recovery. We even have a full time addiction researcher on staff to ensure that we are using the very latest therapies available. A great staff of treatment professionals can work wonders in your life.
  • Look beyond sticker price. The best treatment can be expensive. But it is far less expensive than a half-dozen stays at a moderately priced center and far more beneficial to you and your family than losing your life to addiction. Keep in mind that every nineteen minutes, someone in this country is dying from an accidental overdose – don’t be a statistic because you thought treatment “cost too much.”
  • Face the root cause of your addiction. Most treatment centers treat the symptoms of addiction without ever getting at the root cause of the disorder. Why did you begin to use in the first place? Why did using prescription painkillers make your life “better” – at least at first? In order to overcome addiction for good, these are the issues you need to face and come to terms with. It is only then that you will truly be free.


Sometimes, the pain of life gets the better of us. If you have become addicted to prescription painkillers, remember these few ideas as you seek the right treatment center for you:

  • Medically supervised detox will make the recovery process as comfortable as possible while managing or treating any manage any complications that may arise
  • Look to treatment programs that are proven to be successful and rely on evidence-based therapies.
  • The best staff really does make a difference. Look for a treatment program that uses fully-qualified professionals to run all aspects of the treatment protocol.
  • Individualized care that looks at the root causes of your addiction will give you the best chance at true recovery.
  • Consider only programs that specialize in prescription painkiller addiction and know how to treat it with compassion.

At Cliffside Malibu, we have years of success treating prescription painkiller addiction and helping our clients lead full, rewarding lives. If you’re ready to take the next step and learn more about what Cliffside Malibu has to offer, please call us now at (424) 320-3061. We’re available 24 hours a day and are ready to help you.


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