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Drug Addiction

When most people hear the words “drug addict”, they picture someone homeless on the streets, someone, who is weak and lost. This is a popular misconception. Most addicts are people like us—mothers, sons, sisters, nephews—who have gotten in over their heads with drug use.

Drug addiction often begins innocuously, with experimentation with marijuana or alcohol. However, the potential addict quickly learns that drugs soothe something inside of him, help relieve a pain that he may not have even known was there. That’s when addiction takes hold.

Recognizing Addiction

It is very common for drug abusers to deny that they have a problem, though deep inside, they recognize that they need help. More than denial, drug addicts generally believe that they are beyond help and hope. They think that they’ve sunk too low to ever breathe a sober breath again. They don’t believe that recovery is attainable for them. This lack of belief in themselves and their worth is what breaks families’ hearts. Your job, if you love a person with substance use disorder, is to help the addict see that he is worth helping and that he is capable of achieving recovery.

Here is some evidence that can be used in an intervention or other settings to help addicts see their addiction for what it is:

  • The addict suffered some form of trauma or abuse preceding his drug use.
  • The addict has withdrawn from family or friends to protect his drug use. He does this because he wants to keep using and cause his family as little pain as possible.
  • The addict began using at an early age.
  • The addict has lost jobs or relationships because of his drug use.
  • The addict’s health has declined or appearance has changed radically since becoming a person with substance use disorder.

By looking at these issues with the addict in a loving, supportive environment, family members and friends are often able to help the addict see how drug use has taken a toll on his life. Then, by coupling this information with a sincere and passionate call for the addict to go to a drug treatment center, recovery can often begin right away.

The key to getting a person with substance use disorder to go to and stay in a rehab program is to help him understand the extent of his problem and to feel, even if only for a few moments, that recovery is possible. When they know they are loved, they are most likely to stay in a drug addiction treatment facility – where hope for a better future becomes reality.

If you suffer from addiction, you are not alone. We are here to help you transcend a life limited by drug abuse or drug dependency. It may seem like your dreams are gone, but they’ve only been put on hold. With proper drug treatment, you can return to a better state of health and work toward any of the goals or dreams that right now seem to have passed you by.

Drug addiction recovery is something that is accomplished through hard work and complete willingness to reach recovery. It is not something that can be accomplished if you do not truly want drug addiction recovery. It is also not something that you can accomplish on your own. You need the help of a drug addiction recovery clinic if you ever want to overcome your addiction. This is a simple fact. Because your brain and body have become dependent on the drugs, you need professional help in order to overcome it. As stated above, with hard work and complete willingness, addiction recovery can be yours.

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Drug Addiction Recovery

In the midst of your drug abuse, you may not be able to comprehend what the true meaning of drug addiction recovery is. This is not your fault, though, because your drugs have long since taken control. However, once you begin to grasp what recovery can mean for you it can be a reality. Perhaps it will mean job security for you or that you can gain your children’s trust back. Perhaps drug addiction recovery means you can pay your bills on time or regain your health. Focusing on what recovery will mean for you will help you through the recovery process because you will have something positive to focus on.

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Accomplishing Addiction Recovery

Another way to help you focus during your treatment is to learn how to accomplish drug addiction recovery. Of course, any effective treatment center will teach you how to do this once you enroll in their center, but having a general idea of what you need to do to accomplish drug addiction recovery before you enroll will help make the process less intimidating. One of the first things you will need to go through to reach recovery, aside from admitting you need help, is detoxification otherwise known as detox. This is when you actually come off your drugs or, in other words, your physical dependency is treated. The purpose of detox is so that you no longer physically crave the drugs. The next thing that you will go through to accomplish drug recovery is a series of mental therapies. This is to heal your mental addiction to your drugs as well as any other mental and/or medical conditions that you may have.

It Depends on You

While this may seem redundant, it really is something that needs to be said again and again. Your personal drug addiction recovery is completely dependent on you. Treatment centers across the world can offer you different approaches to treatment and recovery. Some may depend on modern medicine, others may use more traditional forms of medicine, and still, yet, other centers may use a mixture of both. However, unless you are willing to accept this help and apply it to your life, drug addiction recovery will always be just out of reach for you. You have to be willing, as already stated, to commit yourself fully to your treatment and reaching sobriety. This is the only way that you can achieve complete drug addiction recovery.

Living In Drug Addiction Recovery

Once you have successfully completed a treatment plan, you will be living in drug addiction recovery. The thing is, your recovery process does not end because you completed the programs, it continues on at your home. Every moment that you stay sober, even years down the line, means that you are living in drug addiction recovery. This is a great thing for you and your loved ones because it means that you are a complete person again. It means that you control your life, not the drugs. It means that you can look forward to your future.


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