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Naltrexone treatment

Naltrexone treatment is used to treat individuals suffering from alcoholism as well as those suffering from opiate addictions, including heroin and cocaine. The benefit of using Naltrexone in treatment is that its use reduces the cravings for alcohol and opiates by attacking the opioids receptors in the brain. Before a person can be considered a candidate for Naltrexone treatment, he or she must have been off alcohol or opiates for about two weeks. Since Naltrexone only reduces the cravings for alcohol, it by itself is not a cure. Used in conjunction with traditional therapies including the 12-step program, Naltrexone treatment can be a valuable tool in the recovery process.

Cliffside Malibu is the nation’s premier drug treatment center. We offer a unique approach to treatment: we treat the individual as an individual, with a treatment program tailored to the individual. With us, you will not be just another number. We will know you, your habits, and your needs, and we will structure a program that is made to give you the best opportunity to achieve long-term sobriety. If you are looking for help for yourself or for a loved one, give Cliffside Malibu a call today at (424) 320-3061. We will help you make the decision that will help you get sober and change your life for good.

Treatment for Alcohol & Opiate Addiction

Naltrexone treatment is part of our alcoholism treatment program, as well as our treatment for opiate addiction, including heroin and cocaine. Naltrexone is the generic drug name marketed under the names Revia and Depade. Once a person has stopped using for ten days or more, Naltrexone can be administered to the patient. It can only be administered after drug use has ceased, as using it before they can have drastic side effects. The normal dose is delivered orally once a day. Naltrexone is typically not prescribed for more than 12 weeks. Certain side effects may include nausea, muscle weakness or pain, dizziness, difficulty breathing and anxiety. If any of these symptoms occur during Naltrexone treatment at any alcohol treatment center, the use of the drug is ceased.

The benefit of having a Naltrexone treatment program is that the drug blocks the part of the brain that senses pleasure when alcohol and narcotics are used. Technically, Naltrexone is an opioids receptor antagonist. That is what stops the “pleasure” process when alcohol and opiates are ingested. Because the brain blocks this pleasure mechanism, the resident will have a decreased desire to consume alcohol or opiates, and can more readily focus on their treatment and recovery.

Drug Recovery Programs

You might be asking yourself if you can ever fully recover. The answer is yes. But there is more to the answer than just a simple “yes”. Before any treatment can hope to work, you have to take the first step. And that first step is recognizing that you have a problem. Sometimes this doesn’t happen until a drug intervention is done. You have to recognize that you have a problem and also that you cannot get better without help. It is not a shame to admit that we need help. Admitting that we need help will put you directly on the path to recovery. After you admit to yourself that you need help and that you cannot get better on your own, the next step is to call Cliffside Malibu.

Here at Cliffside Malibu, we offer one of the most successful drug and alcohol treatment programs available. Not only do we use the latest treatment protocols, including Naltrexone treatment, but we provide custom-tailored programs for each of our residents. This means your treatment will be different than the person sitting next to you, and the person who came to us before you, and the person coming to us after you. Why do we do this? Because you are unique; you are different than anyone else. And your treatment has to be different; otherwise, it will not be successful in the long term.

A Luxury Rehab Center

Cliffside Malibu not only offers the most effective Naltrexone treatment programs available, but we also do it in a luxurious setting. Our drug and alcohol abuse rehab center is located on a private estate in world-famous Malibu California. From our secluded two-acre facility in the hills of Malibu, we offer unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean and the beaches of Malibu. We offer every luxury and amenity for your benefit. Our private suites with custom black-stained bamboo floors with large screen televisions, Jacuzzi tubs and magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean will cradle you in comfort. Our gourmet chefs prepare organic fresh meals every day with delicious snacks to keep you satisfied. Rounding this out are outdoor activities, including our beautiful swimming pool that will have you enjoying life again.

Your Journey to Recovery

Recovery from your addictions is neither easy nor quick. You didn’t become a person with substance use disorder overnight. You will not fully recover overnight. But what we can promise you is that if you put forth the effort, we can help you live a full, productive and drug-free life. And we can help you do it in the comfort and privacy you deserve.

For additional information on Naltrexone treatment at Cliffside Malibu, please visit our main Alcohol Treatment page.


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