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How to Find an Effective Drug Treatment Center

If you have come to the decision that you need to enter drug treatment, you have taken an important first step.  You have admitted to yourself that you cannot overcome your drug or alcohol problem on your own, and you are ready to ask for help.

At Cliffside Malibu, we don’t believe you should have to go through rehab multiple times.  We know that if you receive the right addiction treatment the first time – holistic, individualized, and evidence-based interventions – you will never have to do this again.

We also know that you have probably been suffering for a long time.  Whether you are dealing with the physical and emotional ravages of your drug or alcohol addiction, or you are trying to carefully maintain a web of lies so that your loved ones do not discover your addiction, you are using all your energy to deal with the consequences of your substance abuse.  In our treatment facility, you will finally be able to relax.  You will begin your healing in the most luxurious of environments, with attentive staff and five star amenities.

You may be anxious about the thought of going through detox.  Let us allay that anxiety: at Cliffside we strongly believe that your drug or alcohol detox should be as comfortable and painless as possible.  We do not think detox should be punitive; instead it should be the beginning of your journey to a new life.  To help you along with this process, we provide a completely supervised detox that is individualized to each client’s particular situation.  You will meet with your personal physician and your plan will be customized to ensure that you recover in the most comfortable and healthy way possible.

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After you have completed your detox, you will begin the rehabilitation part of your program. This plan is also individualized. We provide access to a host of complementary treatments and your psychotherapist will work with you to develop a personalized plan. The foundation of your experience at Cliffside will be intense, one-on-one psychotherapy. We maintain a small therapist to client ratio and each client will meet regularly with his or her therapist in addition to participating in group sessions. Complementary therapies such as equine therapy, life coaching, massage, and yoga are also offered. Our hiring practices ensure that each member of our staff is the absolute best in his or her field. Our practitioners, clinicians, and therapists are highly qualified, skilled, intuitive, attentive, and perhaps most importantly, they are not desensitized to helping people. They are passionate about their calling, and they bring this passion to their daily work with their clients.

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse wrecks lives.  It not only destroys the life of the sufferer, but it also brings heartbreak and despair to all who love him.  Once you get to the point where you are willing to accept help, make sure that the help you seek will be effective.  Families are destroyed by addiction; here at Cliffside our primary purpose is to help you to become the person you were always meant to be before drugs and alcohol derailed you, and as part of that process your family will be healed and made whole again.

If you suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol, or have a co-occurring disorder such as depression or an eating disorder, please call us.  We can help you rediscover a fulfilling life.  With our combination of individualized treatment and luxurious surroundings, you will be able to create a solid foundation of recovery for the rest of your life.  You do not need to live this way anymore. Call us now: (424) 320-3061.


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