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Inpatient Drug Treatment

Many people who are addicted to drugs put off going to an inpatient drug treatment because they are intimidated by the idea. However, this feeling is not based in reality. We at Cliffside Malibu intend to help you get back to a sober lifestyle without putting you down or making you feel overwhelmed. If you are ready to seek help for your drug addiction, you have come to the right place. Why is Cliffside Malibu so special? We offer exclusive inpatient drug treatment that is geared to help you overcome the struggles associated with recovering from a person with substance use disorderion. You must be ready and willing to truly put your drug addiction in the past; once you have met that requirement, we will provide everything else you need for a successful addiction recovery.

This includes good food to keep up your strength. We also provide a luxurious place to stay. Our rooms exude a comfort that will soothe the turmoil involved in this lifestyle change as you explore inpatient drug treatment. We are proud of our warm, helpful staff and have hired people who are anxious to help you get through this tough period in your life.

What Is Involved In Inpatient Drug Treatment?

Our inpatient drug treatment includes a counseling session with an experienced treatment therapist who will work with you all during your stay with us. This will provide you some stability as your lifestyle undergoes a radical change. We also provide family therapy options that will help bring you and your loved ones together in your quest for sobriety.

You may be wondering why an inpatient drug treatment center is necessary. The truth is that drugs are nearly impossible to conquer all alone. In the Cliffside Malibu drug rehab center, you will be held accountable and expected to commit to your recovery. You will not have access to the drugs you have become dependent on, and this fact alone will help you defeat your addiction. We will help you stay clean during the entire time that you are a participant in our inpatient drug treatment program for drug users.

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What Causes Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is not a simple condition that can be summed up in the idea that a person merely “takes drugs”. Instead, it is a medical and psychological problem that can almost never be defeated without professional help. At Cliffside Malibu, we offer the best treatment method we have yet found. Inpatient drug treatment is a valid method and has been used with great success.

First, it is necessary to know what drug addiction and substance abuse really means. Drugs can be either stimulants or depressants. Either type is very addictive and hard to drop once you begin using it. Unfortunately, drug addiction cannot be treated by an act of the will. If you are addicted, you will need to enter some type of program that recognizes the medical, mental, and emotional facets of addiction. At Cliffside Malibu, our inpatient drug treatment programs are known for just that type of holistic understanding.

Important Facts

Medical help can be offered in the form of taking medicines that will help your body return to normal. This is often vital, because drug addiction can become so serious that the addict’s metabolism itself is changed. This means that the body learns to use the drugs instead of the chemicals it would normally produce on its own. Drug addiction is not something that you can beat by deciding not to use drugs. You must meet drug addiction on its own playing field, and beat it through medical means.

he psychological or emotional toll can be even higher. Once a person is addicted to a drug, the mind learns to accept the feeling of being high as normal. It becomes very difficult to return to a sober state without feeling that something is missing. This is where a soothing atmosphere and professional counseling at a drug rehab center becomes necessary. Inpatient drug treatment puts you in an environment that feels secure.

Explore Our Luxury Accommodations

At Cliffside Malibu, located on a private estate in Malibu California, we believe that recovering from a drug addiction should be made as easy and painless as possible. Everyone will have a different experience when trying to stop using drugs, but we make every effort to smooth your journey to sobriety. We have an excellent record of successfully helping heal drug addictions, and we believe that is due to our unique approach.

When you enroll in our inpatient drug treatment program, you will receive hospitality and understanding. We offer a variety of activities to help you relax in your leisure time. You can go horseback riding in the great outdoors. Catch a wave; we’re very close to the beach. Leave your worries about privacy behind when you step in our lobby, because we have the highest respect for our clients and their personal space.

Cliffside Malibu offers inpatient drug treatment programs in a setting that is removed from the stresses of the outside world. We are a truly exclusive drug treatment center, and we make sure each person is treated like an individual – because that’s just what you are! Here at Cliffside Malibu, we offer a stellar inpatient drug treatment program that can help addicts get back on their feet – our treatments have proven useful time and again.

There’s no doubt that drug addiction can be hard to escape. The road ahead of you is difficult, but it is worth it to get back to a lifestyle of sobriety. The good news is that you are not alone on your journey. We will go with you until you are ready to walk out of the treatment center and into a new life. With our assistance, you can conquer this serious problem. Look into inpatient drug treatment today.

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