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Drug Treatment

How Do I Know Whether Or Not I Need Drug Treatment?

Sometimes, addicts are clear that they are in a desperate situation and need drug or alcohol treatment. Just as often, addicts wonder whether or not a treatment program is necessary. You may be in this situation. You may still hold out hope that you will be able to solve your problem on your own or in an outpatient rehab facility. Maybe you have tried 12-step programs and think that if you apply yourself harder, you’ll make it this time.

If You’re Not Sure Rehab Is For You, Ask Yourself These Questions:

Why am I considering drug treatment?

Most of the time, if someone is considering treatment, it is because a problem exists. If there’s even a hint in your mind that you need treatment, that’s the part of you that wants a better life speaking up. Call and ask for help now.

Are the people I love and respect worried about me? Have they asked me to enter treatment?

Why would the people you care for most ask you to consider drug treatment if you didn’t need it? If the people closest to you want you to go to treatment, now is the time to go.

Does a little bit of help sound welcome?

Drug addiction is exhausting! Would you like to lay your head at night on a beautiful bed, in a safe facility and get support throughout the day to overcome your addiction and live the best life you can? If so, Cliffside Malibu is the right drug rehab facility for you.

Choosing A Drug Treatment Center

Drug treatment starts when you choose a drug treatment center. Although there’s no single standard by which to judge rehab facilities, it’s fair to say that the most successful drug treatment programs are those which cater to the specific needs of their individual clients.

Key Qualities To Look For In A Drug Treatment Center:

Induvidualized Care

Is the care you will receive highly individualized, catering to you in every way and addressing your specific issues?


Is the facility accredited by JCAHO or any other agency?

Staff Professional Qualifications

Are the staff members fully qualified in their fields, possessing degrees, certifications, and licensure for the work they do? Do licensed professionals run the therapy groups and other programs?

Holistic Care

In addition to psychotherapy, what other care will you receive at the facility? Are there enough services to meet your personal needs, or will you be shoe-horned into what the facility offers?

Staff/Client Ratio

How many staff are there for each client? Will you work with a dedicated therapist or a therapeutic team? How often will you receive one-on-one psychotherapy each week?

Luxury & Respect

How will you be treated at the facility? Will you be allowed internet access and to keep your cell phone or will you have to give those items up? Is the food of a high quality? Are the amenities of the standard you desire? Will you be in an environment that is safe, secure, private, and supportive?


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