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Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

No one wants to admit to alcoholism. It seems a sign of weakness to go into a rehab center. However, this is just not the truth. Alcoholism can be very difficult to break free of once it has taken hold. Inpatient alcohol treatment is the best chance you have to stop drinking alcohol. At Cliffside Malibu, we are anxious to help you become sober. Our two-acre private land in Malibu, California is a safe retreat from the outside world. Your confidentiality will be respected. We know how important your reputation is to you and to your family and will do our best to protect it.

The decision to seek help through an inpatient alcohol treatment program is a sign that you have made a giant leap forward toward sobriety. We think you should be treated with compassion, not judgment. This does not mean, however, that you will not have to take responsibility for your recovery – you have to continue being accountable for your actions in good and bad moments.

Alcoholism is tough to diagnose at times. However, if you feel you cannot cope with social situations without a drink, it is fair to say that you have some level of dependency upon alcohol. Of course, socializing is not the only area where alcoholism can show up. For many Americans, sleep only comes after a drink. This also indicates a problem. Even worse than the fact that dependency makes you a virtual slave to alcohol is the fact that alcoholism can cause strained family relationships and even early death. Don’t let alcoholism rob you of the joy of living. Call us now at (424) 320-3061.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

At Cliffside Malibu, we offer exclusive alcohol treatment to help you become sober and learn how to handle daily living without alcohol. This can be a tall order, but our inpatient alcohol treatment is up to the challenge as long as you bring plenty of commitment. Your rehab plan will be adapted for your own personal needs. Cliffside Malibu never tries to push a patient into a predetermined treatment plan. Our approach is one that recognizes that each person has individual needs. We will work with you to find an addiction treatment plan that will give you the best odds of success.

Our patients find an individualized inpatient alcohol treatment to be very helpful. We believe it is necessary. There is no point in trying to force different personalities with widely varying needs into one pattern of rehab. That can only result in frustration and failure for everyone involved – and, more importantly, may discourage the alcoholic patient from seeking help in the future. Do not let this kind of inpatient alcohol treatment stand in the way of you becoming sober.

Each of our patients gets an individual session with a trained therapist who will continue to provide encouragement and guidance throughout the process. You can count on being able to speak with a counselor at any time of the day or night. Our inpatient alcohol treatment is the best of its kind, focusing on each person as if he or she is the only patient in the center. Everyone deserves an individualized treatment plan

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Luxury Accomodations

As you begin your inpatient alcohol treatment, you will notice the beauty of our facility. We have done our utmost to give you a luxurious and relaxing place for you to recuperate from your alcohol addiction. The ocean sunset off the Malibu coast is a natural spectacle you can watch on any clear night. We are close enough to the ocean that you can spend your free time surfing, or wading if your surfing skills are limited! Our meditation garden is dense with Spanish lavender, while our rose garden is sure to be a beautiful place to relax. Taking a little time each day to reflect can help your inpatient alcohol treatment to go more smoothly.

Indoors, you can chill out while watching one of our plasma TVs. Often, our patients enjoy playing board games or simply talking with each other. You may even find someone who is sharing a struggle very similar to your own. This can be an invaluable help when you are in the midst of inpatient alcohol and drug treatment.

A private bedroom with plenty of space waits at the end of the day. You’ll be sleeping soundly as soon as your head hits the down pillows. In the private bathroom, towels made of fine Egyptian cotton lie waiting to be used. All laundry and linen services are provided by Cliffside Malibu. No other inpatient alcohol treatment offers this amount of luxury. Take advantage of our luxury alcohol rehab.

Luxury Accomodations

You may be intimidated about the type of people who will oversee your inpatient alcohol treatment and drug detox. There is really no reason to be nervous – our staff is as professional as they come. We are very proud of the way our staff handles the needs and concerns of our patients. You will be treated with the greatest concern and warmth during your stay. Your inpatient alcohol treatment will take place in a caring environment, not in one that is intended to punish you for alcoholism.

Our staff includes plenty of professional therapists and counselors who can help you through each stage of your inpatient alcohol treatment. They are well known for their success with patients. Cliffside Malibu is even licensed to treat dual diagnosis situations. A dual diagnosis is given when a patient has two coinciding addictions or psychological issues. This could be a combination of alcoholism and sleep disorder, a combination of alcohol and drug addictions, or alcoholism and any number of psychological disorders. Whatever the level your alcoholism has reached, inpatient alcohol treatment can help.

We have a professional acupuncturist who can help you by using Eastern medicine techniques as well as an herbologist. Our chef prepares gourmet dinners every night and can even adapt his cooking to fit a restricted diet.


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