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When a heavy drinker becomes a real alcoholic, it’s time to find the best alcohol treatment available. But few alcoholics accept they have a problem soon enough. They have to hit bottom before they’ll admit they’re powerless over alcohol. If you can’t control your drinking, you could be an alcoholic. If you are, you don’t have to find a tragic bottom to begin to recover from this fatal disease.

You can come to Cliffside Malibu, the best alcohol treatment facility in the Los Angeles area. Located on two private acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Cliffside Malibu is far away from city noise and stress. This discrete natural setting guards privacy and allows you to focus on your recovery. The decision to enter a residential alcohol treatment center is a personal one. Hidden away in quiet privacy, Cliffside Malibu helps people confront alcohol dependence issues without concern about confidentiality. It takes deep commitment to escape the grip of alcohol, and our treatment program has everything you need to find physical, mental, and spiritual health. If you want to talk about our best alcohol treatment, please call us now at (424) 320-3061.

Luxurious Living

Taking the steps necessary to recover from alcoholism calls for personal courage and commitment, but it doesn’t require hard living. The best alcohol treatment program gives you everything you’ll need to recover, starting with natural surroundings and elegance. Cliffside Malibu spared no expense in decorating elegant resident bedrooms, giving you the perfect refuge for rest, quiet reflection, and lasting rehabilitation. The bathrooms are tastefully decorated and equipped with separate water closets and beautiful accents like Egyptian cotton towels. You’ll have all the comforts of home, including laundry and linen service. California’s best alcohol treatment facility boasts beautiful architecture and décor and modern amenities like plasma TV, wireless Internet access, fireplaces, and many other luxuries. Our West Garden is a perfect spot for solitude and meditation, surrounded by local wildflowers, Grandiflora Roses, and Spanish Lavender. All this comfort is just another part of our personal commitment to creating a positive setting for your recovery and lasting rehabilitation at California’s best addiction treatment facility.

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How the Program Works

We give our residents every opportunity to build lasting sobriety. Malibu’s best alcohol treatment program is a gradual process through three levels of treatment to recovery. Although each level takes about 30 days, timing may vary depending on your progress and needs. Primary Treatment involves intense group and individual work in a private residential setting to help you make a clean break from your old drinking patterns. You’ll attend group rehabilitation sessions, community meetings, individual therapy, and a weekly private session with a recovery coach. During the second less structured level of California’s best alcohol and drug treatment program, Extended Care, you may leave the facility for recovery-related events like 12-step meetings and family visits where you slowly enter sobriety in the outside world. Sober Living, the third level, involves living in a sober group home where you are assigned chores and report to the house manager. Sober Living is the safe base from which a sober life really begins. You’ll gradually return to work, school, and family—this time as a recovering alcoholic. If you want to find out how you can enter the best alcohol treatment program in the Los Angeles area,

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Physical Rehabilitation

Drinking takes a terrible toll on an alcoholic’s body. Because many alcoholics stop seeing doctors, you could come to treatment with serious dental problems or damage to internal organs. Our best alcohol treatment medical staff includes psychiatrists, internists, and addictionologist who catch and treat physical and psychiatric conditions that could sabotage your recovery. After your physician-supervised detox from alcohol, we work with you to design an individual treatment schedule. Our gourmet chef provides healthy meals from the best fresh ingredients to restore health, bring renewed vitality, and ensure lasting rehabilitation. His team also provides a healthy diet for people with special dietary needs. You’ll love our swimming pool and Jacuzzi after a long day in treatment. At Cliffside Malibu, busy days at the best substance abuse treatment center are demanding and exhausting. Our fitness facilities and opportunities for acupuncture, massages, yoga, and meditation will help you relax, build strength, and clear your mind as you move toward a long, healthy recovery at California’s best alcohol treatment facility.

A Range Of Therapies

Drinking has likely created some serious personal problems. Our professional staff provides the best alcohol treatment with proven therapeutic approaches that help restore hope. Our therapists specialize in addiction and recovery, post-traumatic stress disorder, interpersonal and relationship issues, grief and loss, and eating and mood disorders. Your daily group treatment sessions focus on key sobriety issues to help you learn and talk about the 12 steps, the recovery process, preventing relapse, journaling, life assessment, and spirituality. Your private individual therapy will be three to five times a week, and you’ll meet with a personal recovery coach every week.

Cliffside Malibu offers a complete and effective set of tools to rebuild broken lives. In rebuilding your life, you’ll need to know your family is on your side. And your family will need help adjusting to the many changes you’re about to make. To assure they support you and understand the treatment process, California’s best alcohol treatment program offers a highly-individualized family program. Intensive family therapy educates all of you about addiction and helps you express to your loved ones your hopes and fears about alcoholism and recovery. We’ll help the family establish goals and a well-balanced aftercare plan that they can and will support.

For additional information on the best alcohol treatment program in California at Cliffside Malibu, please visit our main Alcohol Treatment page.


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