Summertime: Beaches, Parties and Sobriety

Updated on 07/03/23

Summer brings longer nights, beach parties and outside gatherings. Yet for those on the journey of addiction recovery, it may mean something different. Here are tips to deal with summer traditions while staying sober. 

Know Your Triggers

It can be challenging to get out of family get-togethers, even if you do not want to attend. During summertime, families have outings regularly. You must have a good understanding of your triggers and know how to get out of situations that cause them.

Follow a Self-Care Plan

Your well-being is the priority throughout the summer. Adhering to your self-care plan is crucial. Do not change it just because it is summertime. Sticking to a daily routine is one of the most important things you can do during your recovery process. 

Avoid Dehydration

Not getting enough water causes dehydration, which can cloud your thinking. Do not allow yourself to consider drinking alcohol because you did not stay hydrated. Thirst may be a trigger for you. Whatever the reason, dehydration is something you can avoid by packing enough water or sparkling water when you go on a summer excursion.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage)

And speaking of packing water … avoid conflict and uncomfortable situations with friends and family by always having refreshments with you. It is common for people to have a beverage with them in their vehicle or hand. You will not stand out if you carry something to drink wherever you go. It has become the norm.

Always Serve Yourself

Whenever possible, serve yourself drinks when you go out. You have better control over what you consume at family outings, cookouts and neighborhood gatherings. Avoiding temptation is easier when you are in control of the situation. It is all about accountability.

Make Plans in Advance

Certain outdoor amusement parks allow vendors to sell alcohol to visitors. There will be vendors that sell alcohol at fairs. You may run into friends or family at such places who are consuming alcohol. If you want to avoid some of these situations, make advanced plans. Check things out online or by phone before deciding to attend an event.

Use the Buddy System

It is easier to stay sober when you have a sober friend by your side. You have someone safe to talk to when there is downtime. That keeps your mind off temptation. Your sober buddy gives you the strength to turn down alcoholic drinks when offered. If you experience a trigger at an outing, your sober buddy can help you get out of the situation so that you feel safe.

Enjoy the Beach

Relax and enjoy yourself. Absorb the sun and take in that Vitamin D. Watch the beach volleyball games and children playing. Swim in the ocean. Read a book or listen to music. There is so much you can do at the beach –  you can even choose to do nothing. It is impossible to go wrong at the beach. All these suggestions help you take a break from life and support your sobriety as long as you also follow the previous tips.

Watch Sunrises/Sunsets

It is so freeing to watch a sunrise or sunset. You feel invigorated watching a sunrise because you have a new day to work on your recovery. You feel grateful. When the sun sets, you are proud for making it through another day. These natural signs of your progress are rewarding.

Make Sobriety Your Priority

By putting yourself first, you are in a better position to stick to your aftercare plan. Relapse is the last thing you want. To avoid this, you must implement your relapse prevention tools you learned in treatment. Your sober buddy is not always with you. It will be up to you to maintain your sobriety as you attend parties and enjoy the summer.

Use these tips to take care of yourself and maintain your sobriety while enjoying a safe summer. 

You might want to consider shoring up your aftercare plan if you are going on vacation. Relapse prevention therapy can help make your holiday safe. Going over your plan with anyone you are taking with you helps reinforce your sobriety goals. Have fun and stay sober! 

If summer is a difficult time for you, consider relapse prevention therapy to strengthen your resolve. Cliffside Malibu helps you with the rest. We provide superior addiction treatment and recovery resources to help you or a loved one conquer an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Call us today at (855) 403-5641 to begin your journey to recovery and the life you want to lead.