Updated on 1/31/2023

Residential Addiction Treatment: Find Health in a Serene Setting

You are not weak. Your decision to enter treatment is courageous and shows you are committed to your well-being.

Your length-of-stay in residential treatment depends on the amount of time you need to heal from alcohol or drug addiction. The journey of healing your mind, body and spirit takes time. You deserve to have the type of treatment that encourages you to work at your pace, not someone else’s. Cliffside Malibu is a luxurious, private treatment center that provides exceptional care.

Personalized Treatment at Cliffside Malibu

Drug and alcohol addiction are treatable. The goal of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is to guide you towards a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Reaching your goal of sobriety is nurtured when you are in a treatment center dedicated to meeting your individual needs by pairing you with a therapist and providing holistic therapies. Cliffside Malibu recognizes your unique needs and will treat you as a person, not a diagnosis. 

An essential part of addiction treatment is integrating different, proven modes of healing from across the globe. Traditional modalities of treatment include group, individual and family therapy. Participating in conventional therapy models such as the Stages of Change, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) allows you to understand the roles your environment and relationships play in your addiction. 

When you are paired with a therapist who complements your therapeutic needs, you can deconstruct harmful habits and build healthy, long-lasting habits. Each type of therapy provides opportunities to discover more about you and your triggers. Learning to identify your triggers for use is vital for your treatment success. Triggers include people, places or events. Social groups or family members can affect how you react to situations or normalize alcohol or drug addiction. You can find peace when you decide to include your family in your one-on-one sessions with your therapist.

Family Therapy & Residential Rehab

Even though you are in residential treatment, family therapy is a large part of the journey. This therapy can dive into the roles of each family member. Some of those roles include: 

  • Scapegoat: The person who shows their need for attention through defiance or anger. Their behavior pulls attention away from the person with the addiction.
  • Mascot: The mascot tries to distract family members by using humor to decrease tension caused by addiction.
  • Lost child: The person in the family who “flies under the radar” while everyone else is preoccupied with themselves.
  • Hero: The family views this person as strong, responsible and independent. They often try to repair the turmoil caused by addiction privately.
  • Caretaker: The enabler who tries to cover-up the harmful behaviors exhibited by the person who is experiencing addiction.
  • Addiction: The focal point of the family. 

Holistic Therapy at Residential Rehab

Holistic therapy means you combine traditional treatment with alternative modes of therapy. Residential treatment centers that include holistic therapies recognize the need for you and others to explore new, creative, healthy routines.  

Alternative types of therapy include yoga and animal therapy, to name a few. You can find peace in treatment by journaling your thoughts and feelings or sitting outside. Holistic modalities are essential along your path to healing your mind, body and spirit. 

A goal of holistic therapy is to connect your mind, body and soul. When you were drinking or using substances, those aspects of your being were disconnected by the substances’ toxins. The chance to explore different modalities is a chance to find an activity that aids you to decrease the urge to drink or use. An added benefit to holistic therapies is the increase in your self-esteem, self-identity or self-confidence.

Comfort in a Residential Treatment Center

Comfort is integral to drug or alcohol treatment. Holistic therapy extends beyond traditional or alternative modes of therapy. Finding peace in your surroundings is another essential part of your therapy. Don’t underestimate the importance of comfort. Cliffside Malibu offers private bedrooms, bathrooms, places to retreat and contemplate your educational or therapy sessions and allows you to focus on your discoveries. When you don’t need to worry about everyday tasks such as laundry, navigating the conditions that come with sharing a room or cooking, you free yourself from distractions. Residential rehab that cultivates your path to recovery through innovative, proven modes of therapy and the comforts of the home allows you to reconnect with your mind, body and spirit.


The decision to enter treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can give rise to many emotions. You can feel anxious, hesitant, weak or powerless. Treatment for an addiction is a step towards a healthy life. The act of entering residential treatment doesn’t signal weakness; it is a sign you understand you need support. A trained medical staff that treats you for your specific addiction can facilitate a safe detoxification process. You deserve care and support during your stay at a residential treatment center. Cliffside Malibu understands you are a person, not a medical case or number. We provide individualized care with a therapist who is dedicated to your path to recovery. To aid you in your treatment, we also have private rooms, a trained chef, laundry service and many other amenities so you can focus on your healing process. To schedule an appointment, call (855) 403-5641.