Do You Really Know What MDMA IS

MDMA is potentially much more than just a popular drug on the party scene. When it initially hit the club scene, it was a pure drug, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). It was also called “ecstasy” due to the ecstatic feeling it gives the user. However, as years have passed, particularly recently, drugs that were once pure MDMA are now a concoction of all sorts of different chemicals, sometimes with no MDMA in them at all. This is especially true of “Molly”, once just another name for MDMA, now really its own drug.

Most media and anti-drug organizations tend to mistakenly group MDMA and Molly together without drawing any distinction between them. This was illustrated when The Drug Enforcement Agency recently reported that only 13% of Molly seized in New York from 2009-2013 contained any MDMA whatsoever, and then it was mixed with a variety of other drugs. What is often sold today as Molly is actually methylone, a dangerous stimulant with hallucinogenic effects, or one of the hundreds of new designer drugs coming out of China.

DEA representative Rusty Payne said,

“Molly is not one particular drug. This is a game of Russian roulette when you abuse this stuff.”

There is no telling what is in illegal street or club party drugs today. With drugs of all varieties coming out of China and no reporting or accountability for what is in them, taking Molly can have life-threatening, long-term consequences. These consequences can range from overheating and dehydration to organ damage and cognitive impairment. In addition, the drug’s use can cause poor decision making. Those who use club drugs are often found to be more willing than others to have unsafe sex and be indiscriminate in choosing sexual partners, leading to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases ranging from genital warts to HIV.

Buyer beware. You may think you’re getting MDMA, but if you’re taking Molly, odds are, you’re not getting what you bargained for. Be safe and make healthy choices.


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