How are the Needs of Executives Seeking Addiction Treatment Unique?

Fighting a person with substance use disorderion can be difficult for anyone, but when the individual is a business executive, the difficulties increase. This can be particularly true if the person is frequently in the spotlight and works or socializes with those who are public figures, star athletes, powerful politicians or the rich-and-famous. No one wants their personal life to be the subject of tabloid articles and powerful CEOs and other elite executives must always be concerned about the public perception of their businesses.

Individuals who are executives and CEOs are usually successful due to hard work, heavy schedules, commitment, industry knowledge and being risk takers. They are active to maintain success, and this may frequently involve drinking alcohol as part of hard work and hard play. Alcohol dependency and abuse can happen to anyone and unfortunately, this includes many highly successful people. Though executives may abuse any substance, alcohol and prescription medications are the most common drugs of choice.

So how exactly how are the needs of executives seeking addiction treatment any different from the needs of the average person? Here are three things business executives require in greater amounts than others might.

  • Access to the Outside World – Ultimately, executives need to take the time to receive treatment, but that doesn’t mean they can drop everything and be away for an extended period. By combining excellent drug abuse and behavioral addiction treatment with the freedom of unrestricted computer and mobile access, a person can receive daily therapies while keeping in touch with their business and staying “plugged in.”


  • Privacy – During what is often a personally vulnerable time, complete privacy and personal down time are always required. A trusted facility that regularly works with high-profile clients can give the necessary confidence in total privacy. There are facilities at which the paparazzi and journalists are kept at bay and staff and other residents are cognizant of the needs of high profile residents.


  • Personalized Service and Access to Amenities – The reality of life as a top executive is that top execs have grown accustomed to being catered to and enjoying the finer things in life. Look for a facility that is as comfortable as you expect, including allowing small dogs or offering concierge services. Why stay in treatment if the lifestyle is not what you’ve come to expect at home? Executives can enjoy top-notch amenities in a relaxing and healing atmosphere, which allows them the time to focus on their health and recovery.

In the correct facility, long-term addiction recovery is possible. Holistic programs have high-success rates using innovative methods that enrich the mind, body and spirit of the individual. Luxury and quality of care can and should go together.


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