Men’s Manual to Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a personal process. Men often want their recovery to be a private affair. Thanks to annual awareness campaigns, men’s health now includes mental health and addiction treatment. The following are instructions that men can use to regain their health as they work through treatment and recovery:

  1.  Stop Hiding –As the first step toward recovery, this is the hardest part of the manual for men’s recovery. Some men grow up learning not to show weakness, not cry and say everything is fine even when it is not. However, it is more important for men to address problems and express emotions to ultimately live a good life. An individual cannot do that unless they are willing to admit they have a problem and seek help for their addiction.
  1.  Be Honest, Always –As a follow-up to the previous instruction, the only way for men to make it to sobriety is to be honest with themselves and those around them. Again, this is counterintuitive to how men generally are raised or how society portrays what it means to “be a man.” Some men were taught to not show or share their emotions. But breaking this habit is essential to a person’s treatment and recovery. 
  1.  Let Go of the Shame –Another challenging part of recovery is getting beyond the past so that an individual can accept the treatment. It is common to feel overwhelmed with shame for being addicted and unworthy of seeking treatment or being sober. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are more than worthy of whatever treatment and recovery programs they need to begin their journey to sobriety.
  1.  Embrace Nature –There are several reasons to get outside, from taking in fresh air to getting Vitamin D. By going outside, a person can walk away from their problems for a few minutes – it acts as a natural timeout to break away from a task or people.
  1.  Make Lifestyle Changes –Reading and daily exercise are examples of positive things to incorporate as a lifestyle change. Individuals should avoid the people, places and things that they used to relate to drug or alcohol use. 
  1.  Create a Daily Schedule –Routines help men in their recovery. A primary reason for this is to prioritize sobriety and not have too much free time. Another reason is that routine enables a person to create new positive habits. It may seem daunting, but it’s worth creating a new practice that supports recovery.
  1.  Learn to De-Stress –One way to de-stress is meditating. A person can learn to meditate by watching online videos. There are many ways to meditate. Some men find yoga is a great way to relax and tone at the same time. Another way is through Reiki or similar therapies. The important thing is learning to relax naturally.
  1.  Remain Socially Active –Isolating is an unhealthy habit for anyone. Avoiding people leads to poor mental health and the potential for relapse. Men can find encouragement by getting together with family members and friends who are sober or at least support their sobriety. Seeking support groups or groups formed around a healthy activity can keep a person engaged with others.
  1.  Get Enough Rest –Most men neglect the importance of sleep. With insufficient sleep, a person risks making poor decisions the following day. Lack of sleep also makes a person feel grumpy, which affects relationships. Sleep deprivation can result in shaking, which may be triggering and causes a person to think of previous cravings. Getting sufficient sleep helps the body avoid such feelings.
  1. Stay True to Yourself –Men should go with what they know is best for themselves, which can be challenging for some to figure out. Recovery needs to be put first. It is important to prioritize sobriety because for many, their life depends on it.

Using these instructions, men in addiction recovery can regain their health and positive outlooks for their future. Treatment and recovery for men with addiction are serious situations. For many men, it becomes a matter of life or death.


Treatment for an addiction can be challenging for men because they feel shame and must go against their basic instincts to recover. From a young age, many men are taught not to share problems, be emotional or put their health first. Beautiful Cliffside Malibu in California can help men seek addiction treatment in a safe, discreet environment, catering to their specific needs. We offer a variety of treatment programs and resources to help you begin your journey to recovery. You can call us at (855) 403-5641 to learn more about our personalized treatment programs.