Feel at Home in Residential Recovery

Treatment from substance use disorder is a time to heal your body and spirit. You shouldn’t worry about cleaning or organizing your room and shared spaces. Focusing on your treatment journey is integral to mending and accepting your needs. You should be able to feel at home while in recovery without the distractions and responsibilities of being in your own home. Worrying about being comfortable or getting privacy can detract from your recovery process. See how residential treatment can help you reach lifelong recovery while still feeling the comforts of home. 

Get Privacy

Private treatment centers offer the benefit of retreating from distractions. Patients who enter treatment will feel secure because their identity remains secret. Seclusion, anonymity and focused treatment create a nurturing environment. If you have a position such as a high-level executive, government official or other well-known status, you shouldn’t worry about anyone knowing about your treatment. Feeling at home while in treatment allows you to remain at ease and dedicated to your recovery.

Receive Individualized Care

You deserve to feel at home while undergoing alcohol or drug addiction treatment. The personal touches of private inpatient treatment create a nurturing environment. Treatment that is readily available when you need specific services is crucial to your recovery. Patients who receive an individual therapist that remains with them throughout their treatment can effectively bond with their therapist—almost like a supportive family member. Knowing that there is supportive staff who understand your needs is available day or night can put you at ease. You have the chance to discover new treatments, adjust your treatment plan to fit your needs and reach out if you require assistance. No two people are alike, and your treatment will reflect your unique needs and desires. Individualized care also includes these benefits:

  • Increased one-on-one time with staff and counselors
  • Private time to focus on healing
  • Education about holistic aspects of healing such as nutrition, exercise, and positive activities
  • Extensive follow-up care after you finish treatment

In addition to meeting with your supportive therapist, take time to journal, walk, meditate, or immerse yourself in the numerous healing activities a private treatment center offers. The peaceful nature of the grounds grants you the opportunity to rest and heal. 

Alcohol or substance addiction treatment is about getting to know your body, mind and spirit. All too often, the connection between these elements is lost. Therapy opens up your emotional or mental blockades. Comfort exists when you feel nurtured, cared for and safe—much like how a home should make you feel.

Experience the Comforts of Home

Residential rehabilitation offers the support and security you require to soak in the positive experiences of treatment. Individualized therapy sessions, a therapist dedicated to you and opportunities to try new activities enhance a sense of encouragement in the recovery process.

People refer to home as a retreat and residential recovery should have that same feeling. A space to retreat to when you need to feel connected to the outside world is essential. Quiet spaces, nutritious meals and self-care treatments can further aid your recovery journey.


When you seek help at Cliffside Malibu, you can feel right at home and more. Our staff genuinely care and encourage you as you heal your mind, body and spirit. When you enter the treatment center, you are promising to love, accept and nurture yourself. Leave the distractions of the outside world and find a treatment center that appreciates your need for exclusivity and security. We pride ourselves in providing individualized, holistic treatment. You will have a therapist who understands your needs and will adjust your treatment plan as needed. Cliffside Malibu offers all the advantages of a small boutique hotel. Allow us to take care of the details while you focus on your journey to health. For more information, call us at (855) 403-5641.