More Burglaries Linked to Heroin

Recently we’ve seen far too many headlines touting the rise of burglaries by addicts looking for money they need to score drugs. Not long ago we blogged about a rash of break-ins in affluent neighborhoods in and around Chicago. The culprits were young white females from well-off families – some actually living in the very neighborhoods they burglarize – who are addicted to heroin. Now, in an article published last week, The Delaware County Times is reporting on a similar epidemic in Pennsylvania.

“Law enforcement officers attribute most of the burglary cases they investigate to drug addicts looking to fund their habit. The two suspects who were arrested for breaking into the Marple couple’s house are both heroin addicts, police said. “This is an epidemic that’s not going away,” said Upper Providence Detective Sgt. Michael Langdale, who has charged the same suspects with four burglaries in his town. Drug addicts who break into homes are hyper-focused on what they’re doing — stealing jewelry or silver to fund their habit, Langdale said.”

The article goes on to question local authorities about other, similar break-ins in surrounding neighborhoods. All of the burglars who have been apprehended have admitted to stealing in order to fund a heroin addiction. Sadly heroin use is back on the rise nationwide as a result of the countries number one epidemic, prescription medication abuse. Opioids are expensive to get on the street, but heroin, which produces a similar high, is much cheaper.

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