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By: Jaclyn Uloth

Medically-Assisted Detox with an Onsite Addictionologist

What is Medicated-Assisted Detox? Medicated-Assisted Detox is the use of medications under supervision of a person with substance use disorderionologist to…

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Cliffside approach vs AA approach
Cliffside Malibu Approach vs AA Approach

What is the Cliffside Malibu approach? Cliffside Malibu has a evidence-based, well thought out three-fold approach to addiction treatment that creates…

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What is Continuum of Care?

What does Continuum of Care mean? Continuum of Care is a concept involving guiding and tracking patients over a period of…

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holistic therapy
Holistic therapy and how they help fight addiction

What is holistic therapy? Holistic therapy is defined as non-medicinal recovery methods. At Cliffside, we use holistic therapy to complement traditional…

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Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral Therapy: DBT and CBT and How They Help Fight Addiction

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBD) is a short-term behavioral psychotherapy used as a hands-on approach to…

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Stages of Change
Stages of Change

What are the Stages of Change? At the University of Rhode Island, two researchers named Prochaska and DiClemente deciphered that there…

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Treatment differences
What is the Difference Between Residential/PHP/IOP Treatment?

What is a Residential Rehab Program? Rehabilitation in a residential setting is referred to as residential rehab. In residential rehab, patients…

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Luxury Alcohol Treatment Center
Types of Luxury Alcohol Treatment Center

Types of Luxury Alcohol Treatment Center Americans are drinking more than ever. In fact, a 2017 study published in JAMA Psychiatry…

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Patient, Family & Staff Safety is our Priority: COVID-19Update