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A submission by Students Against Addiction
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I am a 22 year old female transfer student and will be enrolling at University of San Francisco this fall year of 2014. I am a psychology major, and minoring in liberal arts.  I also have been studying french for twelve years and hope to study abroad next semester and expand my linguistic skills in that area. My main focus in school is clinical psychology. I plan on going on to grad school once I get my bachelors degree to get a doctorate in clinical psychology. I’m very passionate about psychology and I have been very lucky to have had an incredible internship experience as a suicide prevention crisis counselor for San Francisco Suicide Prevention. It was this experience and exposure to mental health awareness that made me want to devote my academic career and one day have an actual career as a professional psychologist to fighting emotional distress amongst adolescents. I take my academic career very seriously and I am very ambitious and eager to get the finest education I can receive for my undergrad career so far. Attending a private University such as USF which is a fine institution has so many special opportunities and hands on experience available. Unfortunately attending a private institution costs more money, and I will be needing to take out a large financial loan. I have a long academic journey ahead of me being that I plan on going to graduate school, and if I were awarded this money I would put it straight towards paying off my student loans.

From having peer counseling experience in High school and working with high school students in Marin I have hands on experience with different social and emotional issues that young kids face today. As well as interning with suicide prevention I have even deeper hands on experience in the reality of many teens and adults who suffer from emotional distress and instability. This is an area in our society that needs more and more young people to specialize in treatment as the future generations we can most relate to. I have an unconditional desire to become apart of the mental health doctor community in the Bay Area some day, maybe even nationwide. Beyond having more internship experiences to help others as well as community service, getting certain degrees are the way I can truly apply skills and knowledge and help others the way I hope to some day. Being able to get through school by paying for tuition costs is part of that first step. I hope that I can be considered for this incredible opportunity of financial support in your scholarship.