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Pharmaceuticals Addiction

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And Why Does It Succeed Where So Many Programs Fail?

Treating a person with substance use disorderion to pharmaceuticals requires a different approach than programs designed for typical recreational drugs. A wide range of different drugs and circumstances could be involved, each with its own requirements. The staff at Cliffside Malibu have a great deal of experience in treating a wide range of pharmaceutical addictions and they assess each patient to determine the specifics of their addiction and design a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique situation. Our doctors provide advanced medical care during the initial detox period, where residual drugs are flushed from the patient’s system. Therapists and counselors then work with the patient, employing proven group and individual therapy sessions including not only intensive addiction counseling but also psychological analysis to address any underlying issues.

Breaking free of a pharmaceutical addiction can be stressful and physically demanding, especially during the detox phase when withdrawal comes into play. Cliffside Malibu provides residents with exclusive, luxurious surroundings to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible during their treatment, and free of the distractions and stresses of their daily lives.

Completing the pharmaceutical addiction treatment cycle, once a Cliffside Malibu patient is discharged, they have access to our highly effective after-care program.

Amenities include:

  • private, two-acre beach-front estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean
  • a Cordon Bleu chef running a kitchen that provides exceptional meals
  • Swimming pool
  • recreational activities including hiking, swimming, and beach walks
  • alternative therapies such as massage, yoga, and acupuncture
  • spa treatments
  • luxury appointments including LED TVs, fireplaces and Internet access
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The experts at Cliffside Malibu have a great deal of experience in dealing with the entire range of pharmaceutical drugs that might become the basis for addiction. They know which treatments are proven to work and which are a waste of time. We utilize not only traditional therapy methods but a wide range of alternative treatments as well. Our doctors ensure that detox is successful, counselors treat not only your physical addiction but any underlying psychological issues as well; an emphasis on personalized treatment ensures that you receive the most effective program possible and our caring, compassionate staff is always there for you. Our luxurious residence ensures that your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Once you’ve made the decision to beat your addiction to pharmaceuticals, Cliffside Malibu is committed to ensuring you accomplish that goal.

Since the detoxification process from Vicodin also involves nausea and vomiting, you will not feel like eating or drinking anything, and may not be able to keep the food or drink you do consume in your stomach. This makes the risk of dehydration very high when you are in the midst of detoxing from opiates like Vicodin. Not only will dehydration make an uncomfortable detox process even more uncomfortable, if you get dehydrated enough, it can become life-threatening.

Attempting to detox on your own is a risky decision that puts your health at risk and forces you to endure a level of pain that is unnecessary. Choosing to detox under supervised conditions, with medical aid, minimizes pain and risk.


Call Cliffside Malibu, toll-free, 24 hours a day at (424) 320-3061. One of our trained counselors is waiting to help you; they’ll walk you through options and can even refer you immediately to one of our experts who specialize in treating pharmaceutical addictions for a telephone counseling session.


Dear Cliffside Malibu,
I’m one of those people you’d never pick out of a line-up and say “she’s a drug addict.” I’m a stay at home mom, I have two kids and our house was always spotless. After my youngest son was born, I was prescribed sleeping pills to deal with a bout of insomnia I’d developed. I got hooked on the pills and started taking them in higher doses. Sometimes I’d end up staying awake all night and spend the next day buzzed. I had to call a cab to pick up the kids from daycare on more than one occasion and when I got caught by the pharmacy trying to fill a forged prescription, I knew I had to do something or risk losing my family. I called Cliffside and they quickly got me past the embarrassment of admitting I was a person with substance use disorder. I checked in and the doctors were wonderful during detox. Therapy was –well, it was incredibly therapeutic- and having gourmet meals cooked for me and access to the spa was just so relaxing. I loved the ocean view from the dining room. The staff was so understanding and by the time I checked out, I was not only free of the sleeping pills but feeling better about myself than I have in years. It was a big step, but I’m so happy I took it.

Dear Cliffside,
A quick note of appreciation for providing your toll-free telephone counseling service for pharmaceutical addiction. Although I was in denial, my friends kept calling me a pill-popper and generally giving me a hard time about my little habit (as I referred to it). I wouldn’t have gone so far as booking an appointment with a doctor, but I decided to invest an hour talking to one of your therapists over the phone. That call is what gave me the motivation to tackle my addiction and beat it.


Call now to speak confidentially with an admission counselor.

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