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Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Some people believe that people who have an eating disorder are just looking for evasive ways of losing weight quickly. But there is more to it than that. Those that are truly diagnosed with an eating disorder have a dysfunction in their brain called body dysmorphic disorder, also known as BDD. This is when your mind perceives your body differently than how it actually looks. For instance, someone who is very thin may still see themselves as being fat. The outcome of dysmorphic disorder is a great deal of stress because of the misperception of their body. Some individuals only have the disorder without the eating disorder, but knowing that it is there can still stress out the individual, which will make it hard for them to function properly.

No one should have to live with eating and other defects that causes a great deal of stress and health problems. We can help you to get your mind set right and get perceiving your body in a normal way that will not stress you out. There are other outcomes of BDD that can take place. The defects the individual finds wrong with their body might not be fat. It could be that they believe they are ugly or disfigured when they really aren’t. We can help you; just call Cliffside Malibu at (424) 320-3061.

Dealing With Body Dysmorphic Disorder

It’s important that you seek professional help as soon as possible if you or someone has this disorder. It only gets worse and will lead to you or the individual taking extreme actions in trying to fix the problems found wrong with the body’s image. This could be in your face, nose, teeth, mouth or any other part of the body. People who have body dysmorphic disorder tend to look in the mirror or other reflective objects very often and check themselves out. This can be so excessive that it could take up hours of the individual’s day. Studies have shown that women that have body dysmorphic disorder are usually more concerned about their hips and face, which causes them to wear makeup to cover up any flaws they find from their misconception. Men with BDD are usually more worried about their body build, going bald and their genitals. When it comes to anorexia and BDD and they are very alike. They both have to do with perceiving the body inaccurately. Anorexic individuals believe that they are fat and continue to starve themselves and purge their foods. Purging and binging are other signs of an eating disorder that involve BDD. Don’t let yourself or someone you know live like this.

Cliffside Malibu Can Help

If you or someone you know is suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, you need to find a professional to help you. Cliffside Malibu offers you the whole package. You will receive access to all the professionals, equipment and other things you’ll need to get better. Our center offers luxury amenities and features to help make your stay with us as unique and comfortable as possible. With you mind at ease, we will be able to keep you focused on getting well. To accommodate your stay, you will have a luxurious bed in your room along with a private bath.

Views of the ocean are also present for relaxation. Then to top it off, gourmet chefs are onsite, so our patients are fed top-of-the-line foods and kept healthy. Our nutritionists ensure that you are eating right. If you enjoy working out, you’d be pleased to know that there is a fully equipped fitness center at your beck and call. Staying healthy while staying with us shouldn’t be difficult with all of the services and equipment that we offer. Then for a little bit of leisurely time, you can watch one of our plasma television sets. Don’t live in misery anymore. Find out how Cliffside Malibu’s eating disorder, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility can help.

Diagnosing BDD

If you aren’t too sure whether you have body dysmorphic disorder or an eating disorder, there are some characteristics that differentiate the two. With BDD, you are stressing more over your image, but not exactly your weight. The two are usually associated with each other, for instance if you are maintaining your weight, but are binging and purging food, you will be diagnosed with bulimia. But if you begin worrying about how your lips look or your teeth, which has nothing to do with your weight, you would be diagnosed for BDD as well. There are instances when the individual is living with both disorders while others have one or the other. If you begin having negative thoughts about your body and are beginning to stress over it, you should get your diagnosis from your physician before seeking help. Before you know it substance abuse could be become a problem on top of it all.

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Living Without a Disorder

It’s not going to be an easy road, but getting rid of body dysmorphic disorder can be done with the time and dedication of yourself and our rehab center. Cliffside Malibu will strive to make you as comfortable as possible during your stay and get you all the attention and treatments you need to win the battle against BDD. After you graduate from our program, you will have access to extended support from our group sessions, therapies and activities made for helping with fighting your disorder. You will find life can be much better without living with BDD.


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