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Ambien Rehab

Ambien is prescribed to provide short-term relief for those suffering from insomnia. Categorized as a sedative-hypnotic, the drug has a direct effect on the brain, producing a calming effect, according to WebMD, that allows a user to sleep.

Due to the highly addictive nature of Ambien, and side effects that include short-term memory loss, the drug is prescribed by doctors for short periods only and should never be taken for more than ten days. Since Ambien provides a relaxed, uninterrupted sleep for those who otherwise have difficulty sleeping, though, it creates a high physical dependence that can cause some users to continue taking the drug after the safe period has ended.

Ambien has side effects even on a short-term basis. Aside from the memory loss that can occur if you get too little sleep while taking Ambien, some side effects include:

  • Sleepwalking
  • Morning hangovers
  • Dementia
  • Mania more commonly associated with bipolar and manic-depressive disorders
  • Increases in falls and fractures in older people

Ambien has also been connected to numerous bizarre sleep behaviors that are interconnected to the more common side effects of sleepwalking and anterograde amnesia, which is the inability to form new memories. When these two side effects occur in conjunction, people on Ambien have been known to sleep-drive, sleep-eat and do other unusual things.

Ambien should not be addictive when taken properly, according to
Health Magazine, but if you are taking more pills than prescribed in a single night, or have taken pills for longer than your doctor advised, it is time to seek treatment. Many people who are addicted to Ambien do not realize they have created their own addiction by ignoring their doctor’s orders, and once the physical addiction sets in, rehab often becomes necessary to reverse the dependence on this substance.

Choosing a Rehab Center

The truth is, Ambien was never meant to be used on an ongoing basis. If you cannot stop taking the substance on your own, or with the help of your doctor, it is important that you seek treatment through a dedicated rehabilitation facility.

When looking for a drug treatment facility for an Ambien addiction, you should choose a place that keeps track of patient outcomes and has a record of successfully rehabilitating users addicted to Ambien. The rehabilitation process should consist of techniques that have been proven effective in treating Ambien addiction specifically.

At Cliffside Malibu, we use evidence-based treatment strategies that have been proven to work in treating addictions to sleep aids. We know that an inability to sleep will prevent a person with substance use disorder from recovering and drive a user back to Ambien for relief from insomnia. That’s why our sleep aid addiction program combines drug rehabilitation with proper sleeping habits to help re-train

The Ambien Rehab Process

When you check into Cliffside Malibu for Ambien treatment, you will be treated with respect from the first moment of contact. Our highly-trained, highly-dedicated staff wants you to feel welcome during your time here, as well as receiving top-notch treatment. You are not just one of the crowd.

Our physicians will work with you personally to develop a treatment plan that takes care of your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, so there is no part of you left unhealed when you leave our facility.

The Ambien rehabilitation program at Cliffside Malibu doesn’t end when you finish your initial treatment, though. Our aftercare programs are designed to ensure that you have the resources you need to continue in your recovery once you are back out in the world.

Succeeding in Rehab

When you check in for rehab at Cliffside Malibu, it is clear to us that you are ready to put the work in to end your addiction once and for all, and it’s our job to help you do that. While your willingness to be rehabilitated and our evidence-based programs are two of the most important determiners of your rehabilitation success, there are a few other factors that have shown to have a direct impact on the outcome of treatment. These include:

Individualized Treatment

One-on-one plans prove more effective than generalized treatment strategies when it comes to long-term rehabilitation. That’s why our physicians create dedicated programs for each client that ensure each individual’s personal comfort.

Quality Staff

Our highly-trained staff includes industry professionals and a full-time addiction researcher who helps us keep on top of all cutting-edge therapies in our field.

Length of Treatment

Studies by the National Center for Biotechnology Information show that individuals who spend three months or more in addiction treatment had long-term success rates 25% higher than those people who spent less than three months in treatment.

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Effective Treatment

Since the most immediate, uncomfortable result when you stop taking Ambien is disruption to your sleep, the most effective treatment must re-train the body to sleep as it once did – without the use of foreign substances. The physical process of ending the body’s dependence to Ambien, though, is not that different from rehabilitation from other drugs. Non-addictive sleep aids may be administered if necessary to help you sleep during the process.

Since insomnia is caused by a number of different issues, including, but not limited to, stress, depression, poor sleep habits, changes in lifestyle, medications and even caffeine, according to the Mayo Clinic, the underlying causes of your addiction will also be addressed to ensure you have gotten to the root of your problem and will have more effective means of dealing with disrupted sleep should it occur again.


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