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The biggest accolade that we have received from our patrons for our alcohol rehab facility is about the kind of services that we provide. Our biggest effort is definitely to help people come out of their alcoholism, but we know how difficult this task is. We know that it is one of the most harrowing times in the life of not just the person who is seeking the alcohol treatment but also for the family of the person. Alcohol rehab treatment is, after all, a cumulative effort. While the patient is going through this difficult treatment, it is our endeavor to provide them all the amenities that they would want to have a pleasant stay with us. That is what makes our alcohol rehab facility special. We do not treat our patients just as patients, but we look after them with all the care and concern that is due for an important guest.

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Living At Our Rehab Facility

Perhaps at no other alcohol rehab centers will you find the amenities that we provide to our guests. We have a sprawling resort near the magnificent Zuma Beach in Malibu. The alcohol rehab facility clearly faces the Pacific Ocean, with miles and miles of undisturbed view. On clear days, you can train your eyes to see the islands off the coast. This in itself could be an unforgettable experience to most. We have taken care to provide huge halls and balconies where our guests can relax and literally take in the sights. The halls are places to socialize, where our guests chat informally after the day is done. These are places where friendships are fostered. The ambiance, with a huge transparent window and the most comfortable reclining sofas, is designed to set even the most trepid mind at ease. We know that this is exactly what a mind that is steeped in alcoholism will want to have.

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More than anyone else, we know that rehabilitation means bringing people back to the life that they left behind because of their addiction. We know that it is very important to give these people an environment in which they will be able to give up their addictive life and go ahead and live in sobriety. That is the reason we provide our guests with alcohol rehab facilities that are equal to what five-star hotels provide. We have a large swimming pool for people to cool their bodies and minds and deck chairs surrounding it where they can sit and relax or curl up with their favorite novel. We have the best internal décor in all our rooms, which includes the bedrooms in which our guests will stay. There are television sets at various places in our alcohol rehab facility which helps keep our guests entertained whenever they feel there is nothing else to do.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment With Socializing

One thing we realized quite early on was that people who are addicted to alcohol can be brought out of their addiction in a much better way if they are allowed to socialize. When the socializing is constructive, they are able to forget the craving for alcohol and stay soberer. That is the reason we have designed our alcohol rehab facility in such a way that our guests can socialize to the hilt. Our main hall, the various balconies, and the swimming pool are designed in such a way that several people can use them together and strike a rapport with each other. Since all our guests are trying for the same thing, i.e. to come out of their addiction, they already have something in common. We only provide them with the right kind of facility and environment that helps them open up with each other. Such socialization actually builds in motivation and encouragement in them which helps them to come out of their addictions faster.

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Treatment & A Healthy Lifestyle

Yes, and that is actually our motto. We believe in giving our patrons a complete alcohol rehabilitation treatment, which includes all the medical care they need, the counseling support and also the healthy lifestyle that they need to inculcate. That healthy lifestyle begins from our facility itself. When our guests realize that there is so much more to life than alcohol, they are psychologically set to overcome their addiction. Their spell of stay with us actually stays with them for a lifetime. We have our alcoholic persons returning not because of a relapse but just because they wanted to stay with us again for a while! This sets Cliffside apart from other alcohol rehab facilities.


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