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Cliffside Malibu began as a men’s sober living center more than a decade ago. We have returned to our roots and are once again offering sober living services for men and women. sober-living A sober living home, which was once referred to as a half-way house, is a transitional living center in which addicts move from a higher level of supervision in a residential treatment program to a lesser level of supervision in a sober living home. In the sober living home, there is a staff member who resides in the home to help the addicts who live there. The other residents are all addicts in recovery. The residents live together as roommates and support one another’s sobriety. This is a drug and alcohol free environment; random drug testing is sometimes performed to ensure that the house is drug free. Residents have the freedom to come and go with minimal restrictions, so individuals can have a job or go to the movies, and return home to a supportive, drug-free environment.

Why Sober Living?

Private Room at Cliffside Malibu Sober LivingSober living can be an important follow-up to residential treatment. Especially if residential treatment was short-term, 60 days or less, the transition back home, with all its triggers and temptations, can be too steep a slope for addicts. Many relapse shortly after returning home. Sober living allows addicts an opportunity to re-enter their lives at a slower pace, to get back to work and other activities, but to do so in a way that is supported and in which triggers can be minimized. If you have a bad day at the office, instead of returning to your home where you used to use, you return back to a community waiting to help you process the difficulties you had and learn how to get through them sober. Those who participate in this kind of transitional living situation set themselves up for success in long-term addiction recovery.

Sober Living as an Essential Part of Aftercare

All credible treatment centers provide their residents with an aftercare plan when they leave residential treatment. But it can be difficult to implement those plans at home. At Cliffside Malibu’s sober living homes, you have access to a top-notch aftercare treatment program right on site. As part of sober living, you will have the opportunity to have your aftercare plan supported by Cliffside Malibu. You may choose to work with on or off-site psychotherapists, but you will be expected to attend at least two individual therapy sessions per week, go to 12 step meetings if you choose to be part of those programs, and involve yourself in a variety of other activities to maintain your recovery, which may include: acupuncture, yoga, qi gong, mindfulness meditation, sessions with a personal trainer, etc. High quality, nutritious food will be provided for you and you will cook and live in community with others. Addicts rarely recover by themselves. Particularly in the first year of recovery, ongoing support from individuals who care about you and understand your situation is necessary. Sober living will set you up for success, by committing yourself to a structured aftercare program. For more information on sober living at Cliffside Malibu, call 800-501-1988


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