Sober Living

Because Cliffside Malibu has become such a nationally recognized name in treatment, most people don’t realize that we’ve been providing top-notch luxury sober living for our clientele since 2004, one full year before we became a treatment center, and we still do.

In fact, one of the things we are most proud of here at Cliffside is our aftercare program. Our sober livings are an integral part of aftercare. Our sober livings have the same quality chefs, housekeeping, and other support staff as our flagship treatment center, but there are some important differences.

Treatment does not take place in the house, like it would in a licensed facility. Instead, clients go to treatment in an office building, about half a mile away, as though they were at home and going to their own therapy appointment in their own psychologist’s office.

Depending on what you need, this could be anywhere from every day, 6 hours a day, to three times a week for an hour each session, and anywhere in between. But really what sets sober living apart from treatment is the amount of freedom you have.

Private Room at Cliffside Malibu Sober LivingIn treatment, you cannot have a car, but you may in sober living. In treatment, you cannot come and go as you wish, but you may in sober living. You must, however, be enrolled in some type of approved therapeutic treatment, consistent with our treatment philosophy of being one of the, if not the preeminent therapy treatment facilities in the nation.

This is our aftercare mission, to continue and in fact, build on the good work that was done while in treatment.

This is a place to grow, to evolve, to discover a joy for living… this is not a flop house. Another commonly asked question: Do you have to go to Cliffside Malibu in order to admit to Cliffside Malibu Sober Living?

Answer: No! People come from all over the country to attend our sober living program having never admitted to our treatment center. We welcome anyone who wants to learn how to live a better life.

So, that’s what we want from you. Here’s the commitment you have from us. You have our commitment to be kind, attuned to your needs, attentive, supportive, and empathetic. Cliffside isn’t a sober living, it’s an experience. It’s meant to feel like a family. We’re honored to have you…

For more information on sober living at Cliffside Malibu, call 424-320-3061.

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