The Luxury Rehab Difference

In today’s world, the term “luxury rehab” has become synonymous with a 5-star hotel. Most people cannot imagine luxury rehab centers without picturing plush bedding with high thread count sheets, beautiful décor, flat-screen TVs in each room and every amenity imaginable. Indeed, most luxury rehab centers boast private rooms, pools, hot tubs. Luxury alcohol rehab centers employ the type of professionals familiar to the affluent such as personal trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, and five-star chefs who’ve mastered the art of making the most nutrient dense, healthy food taste as delicious as possible. Many times a luxury rehab also prides itself on its holistic treatment offerings like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga and guided meditation. The more one learns about the experience of going to luxury alcohol centers, the more one likens them to luxury-level spas or resorts.

While having the choice to seek treatment for drug, alcohol or behavioral health issues at a luxury rehab is certainly a privilege, the reason for having to take such a step is usually painful and life-threatening. Addiction, after all, certainly does not discriminate based on social or economic status. So while all the perks of luxury rehab centers are worth mentioning, the actual treatment—medically supervised detox, evidenced-based group therapy, and individual therapy and trauma-informed care, just to name a few examples—is truly the crux of what really makes luxury rehab centers effective. The hallmark of most luxury alcohol rehab centers is individualized treatment. It’s worth noting, this concept hasn’t always had a place in the recovery community or among luxury alcohol rehab centers. It rose to popularity in the Malibu luxury rehab scene. Often referred to as the “Malibu Model,” individualized treatment is a term touted by many luxury alcohol rehab centers but the essence of truly personalized care isn’t necessarily guaranteed by the luxury rehab that claims it. Exceptional individualized care takes each person’s unique personality, history, physical health, mental health, current and past substance abuse, and overall life goals and desires in order to tailor a treatment plan targeted specifically for them. There is no “typical day” at luxury alcohol rehab centers like this because each person’s schedule will differ depending on their circumstances.

The True Essence of “Individualized Treatment”

Individualized treatment is normally viewed as the antidote to one-size-fits-all methods and the calling card of luxury rehab centers. Twelve-step meetings, for instance, are often seen as a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment in that there isn’t much in terms of strategy that differentiates one person’s program from the next. Each “alcoholic” is deemed to have many of the same “character defects” and programming is designed to help individuals thrive despite these flaws. Through belief in a Higher Power; listing resentments and finding one’s own part in the conflict; fellowship and working with other alcoholics; making amends for wrongdoing, and meditation, the intention is to find relief and recovery through the 12 steps. So while many luxury alcohol rehab centers claim to be individualized, if they base treatment on 12-step principles, they inherently don’t ascribe to the notion of individualized care. As such, authentic individualized treatment at a luxury rehab usually suggests AA/NA meetings as one of many peer support options. Even further, the overall concept of “peer support” is one of many supplements to the actual nitty-gritty of treatment at luxury alcohol rehab centers, which usually happens in individual and group therapy. Psycho-education and relapse prevention are also integral parts to well-rounded treatment at a luxury rehab. Relapse prevention techniques that work for one person might not necessarily be effective for another. Most luxury alcohol rehab centers recognize this and adjust programming accordingly.

Recovering in Malibu

It isn’t surprising that the treatment prescribed by many Malibu luxury rehab centers is a model that’s named after them. Often referred to as “The Rehab Riviera,” Malibu, California, a northern Los Angeles beach enclave, is one of the premier destinations for addiction treatment and luxury rehab. Malibu is a wealthy beach community but it’s also a relaxing and serene hub for nature lovers, adventurers, and soul searchers. The magnificent landscape of mighty mountains crushed against the white watered shoreline and the breathtaking Southern California sunsets are just some of many elements that make the natural beauty of Malibu something one doesn’t easily forget. In a sense, Malibu is the ideal location for luxury rehab centers. There are myriad luxury alcohol rehab centers scattered among the 21 miles of pristine sand, some right on the beach and others tucked into the mountains, far from the bustle of the Pacific Coast Highway.

The luxury rehab mainstay, Cliffside Malibu, is often considered one of the finest luxury rehab centers in the world. Cliffside welcomes all walks of life but it also caters to celebrity clientele, powerful business executives and those who need to maintain some sense of their professional life while in treatment. It’s one of few luxury rehab centers that can take a client through the full continuum of care from detox to sober living.

True to its namesake and label as a luxury rehab, Cliffside Malibu rests on the cliffs above the iconic Zuma Beach. Staying in a beach house perfect for recharging and relaxing, residents are steps from the sand and even enjoy sweeping views of the ocean while dining. Each room is complete with modern, soothing décor, the highest thread count bedding, flat-screen TVs equipped with DVR and complimentary cleaning. Clients also enjoy an on-site pool. Essentially, when someone steps onto the grounds of luxury rehab centers like Cliffside Malibu, they are stepping into the utmost in luxury surroundings. There are options for both private and semi-private bedrooms. While many see companionship with another person struggling with similar issues as a source of strength, there are others who may require a certain degree of privacy in order to succeed in treatment and flourish in recovery. Not all luxury alcohol rehab centers offer the option of private living quarters.

Why Cliffside Malibu Really Shines

While the amenities abound at Cliffside Malibu, those bonuses aren’t necessarily what makes it the continual go-to luxury rehab for men and women struggling with substance use disorder from all over the world. It’s more than just a luxury rehab with turndown service and wonderful meals prepared by its master chef Mangi, who puts love into every meal and checks in with every client to make certain that they are happy and satisfied. It’s more than just a luxury rehab with DVR in every room so that the resident can fall asleep to the TV show of his or her choice as they would do in the comfort of their own home. It’s even more than a luxury rehab that takes clients’ laundry off-site so that they’re not worried about it and can focus on their treatment.

Perhaps more important than a luxury alcohol rehab center’s spa-like resources is how it treats each individual. The men and women admitted to Cliffside Malibu aren’t just part of the clientele at a luxury rehab, they’re part of a family. Taking individualized treatment to another level and implementing the Stages of Change model, what differentiates Cliffside from other luxury rehab centers is how closely it attunes to its clients’ needs. The team at Cliffside fully supports the notion that each person deserves dignity, respect, empathy, and love—during their time as a client at luxury alcohol rehab centers and beyond. Cliffside recognizes that difficult moments happen in between individual sessions in treatment and therapists walk the property “without a caseload,” simply looking for the client that is having a difficult moment to sit down with and process their feelings—a policy that’s quite frankly unheard of elsewhere in the industry of luxury rehab centers. From detox to aftercare, the person can expect treatment and individual attention from some of the best addiction medicine professionals and recovery specialists in the field of luxury alcohol rehab centers. With a very low staff-to-client ratio (one of the lowest in the industry of luxury alcohol rehab centers), each individual gets the one on one attention that’s crucial to making substantial breakthroughs in sobriety. The staff at this luxury rehab includes medical doctors, nurses, Masters-level therapists and LCSWs as well as holistic medicine practitioners, herbologists, massage therapists and acupuncturists. So there are essentially caring people ready to help with every facet of the client’s recovery.

The Cliffside Experience

Cliffside has been in the luxury rehab business for over a decade. There is absolutely nothing it won’t do to match a client’s commitment, and meet their need and make them comfortable in treatment. This is why it’s such an exceptional luxury rehab. With beginnings as a male-only sober living, when Cliffside Malibu evolved to become a full-scale residential treatment facility, it truly began making its mark as one of the premier luxury rehab centers.

With usually only room for about six clients at any given time and such a high demand for its services, Cliffside Malibu is a luxury rehab that’s almost always full with a waitlist. People come from all over the world to have the Cliffside experience, which they know isn’t available at other luxury rehab centers. What exactly is the Cliffside experience? In addition to a luxury rehab that grants access to the highest quality addiction treatment available and residency in a beachside estate with sweeping views of Malibu’s Zuma Beach and the Pacific Ocean, clients are primed for optimal relaxation and self-reflection. With access to some of the best hiking, biking and horseback riding trails in the country, not to mention plenty of opportunities to surf, swim and stand-up paddleboard, there are virtually no limits to recreational outlets. These activities are often a much-needed reprieve from the intensity of treatment in luxury rehab centers. They are also helpful in setting the foundation for an active life without drugs and alcohol. Cliffside is nothing if not a luxury rehab that’s completely in line with addressing the client’s mind, body and spirit.

As previously mentioned, Cliffside also stands out from other luxury alcohol rehab centers because residents enjoy meals prepared by a five-star chef. Nutrition is a vital part of recovery so food is healthy and balanced, and organic and locally sourced as often as possible. Each meal is an opportunity for clients to nourish their bodies and learn about the benefits of fueling for optimal performance and health. Great food that’s also good for you is something any luxury rehab worth its weight should deliver.

Luxury rehab centers usually promote the concept of holistic healing, which goes beyond mental health treatment in order to help individuals repair themselves emotionally, spiritually and physically. As one of the best luxury alcohol rehab centers, Cliffside Malibu has the ideal balance of addressing the symptoms of addiction while also identifying the underlying causes and reprogramming people to survive and thrive in a healthy, fulfilling life.

The Plague of Addiction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2016 an average of 46 Americans died per day as a result of overdosing on prescription opioids. The CDC also reports that heroin overdose deaths have quadrupled since 2010. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that “every day, almost 29 people in the United States die in alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes.” These statistics are jarring and explain the increasing number of luxury rehab centers. They’re also evidence of how humanity unnecessarily suffers under the grip of drugs and alcohol. Mind altering substances can be a welcome reprieve from the stress of everyday life but when ingested excessively or repeatedly, especially by someone prone to addiction, their destruction far outweighs their rewards

Alcohol and drug addiction often destroy the personal and professional life of the sufferer, and many times the life of his or family as well. The bottom line is, if controlling substance intake was something that could easily be done by the individual through sheer will, there wouldn’t be such a wide range of programs, bare-bones facilities, and luxury rehab centers all over the world aimed to treat addiction. Regardless of whether one views it as a moral failing, a disease, a treatable medical condition, an allergy or even simply a deep-seated lack of self-love, treating alcoholism and addiction (or as it’s often now referred, Substance Use Disorder or Alcohol Use Disorder) usually requires professional help, significant time away from one’s normal life and a resilient willingness to face an enormous amount of mental, physical and emotional discomfort.

Seeking Help

When a person finally reaches a point in their substance use when they believe they are ready to quit, it’s understandable the next course of action is overwhelming. Should they go to therapy? AA? A detox hospital? Outpatient rehab? Luxury rehab? Maybe they can just find a friend who will keep them accountable, or perhaps anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds are the solutions? With so many choices, it’s not surprising that many just continue the cycle of use and abuse. While luxury alcohol rehab centers, for example, might work for one person, they might not be the solution for another. Luxury alcohol rehab centers are one option but so is a highly structured outpatient program. Often a luxury rehab has an inpatient track that steps down to outpatient. Sometimes the person really does need a therapist who specializes in addiction and perhaps a sober companion, either via private practice or luxury rehab centers. Other times it takes a psychiatrist to diagnosis the mental health problem the person has been self-medicating. In this case, he or she might be better suited to go to a dual diagnosis facility, and not necessarily one of the many luxury alcohol rehab centers or 12-step meetings.

There is also the issue of funding treatment. While insurance companies are required to cover drug and alcohol addiction treatment, there are rules around the specifics of what they cover and the length of time for which they’ll pay for it. Oftentimes luxury rehab centers are available to someone paying for rehab through health insurance.

Not all rehabs are created equal and there are countless options depending on the person’s economic status, the drug or behavior with which they’re struggling, how long they are able to seek treatment and to what capacity and degree to which they might need a detox. There are basic outpatient centers that facilitate 12-step meetings but offer little in the way of medication management or individual therapy like one would find at a luxury rehab. While there are other places that focus primarily on adventure therapy or other recreational outlets. More and more facilities specialize solely in opioid addiction treatment with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Still, luxury rehab centers remain one of the best possible options for getting well and getting sober. Luxury rehab usually tackles the person’s issue from every possible angle and does so under the supervision of qualified staff facilitating the most cutting edge treatments.

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