How Do I Know Which Treatment Center Is Right For Me?

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There are several criteria to consider when selecting a residential treatment center to admit yourself or a loved one to.

If the person admitting for treatment is in need of a medically supervised detox, the first step is selecting a rehab that staffs the appropriate medical personnel. Detoxing from alcohol and prescription medication can result in serious health risks and should never be handled alone.

Many rehabs provide staff and medication to allow the person detoxing to go through the experience in relative comfort and ease. The first 72 hours during and after detox are the most crucial moments of early sobriety.

If your insurance provides coverage for residential treatment, the next step in addiction treatment often brings the client into the care of a residential facility.

For individuals seeking treatment as cash pay clients, there are many luxury rehab options available, including beachside facilities like Recovery Malibu. While some find luxury amenities like turn-down service, holistic treatment options, one-on-one therapy, and adventure excursions unnecessary, many people enjoy the variety and personal attention to be beneficial to their recovery journey.

Finding a safe and supportive environment is important, as is well supervised medication to prevent relapse.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse [US], “Patients can use medications to help re-establish normal brain function and decrease cravings.” Addictions to opiates (heroin, prescription painkillers), tobacco, and alcohol are most often treated with medication.

Another important aspect of addiction treatment is the diagnosis of co-occurring disorders. Sometimes, the presence of mental disorders like anxiety or depression can complicate the treatment of addiction. While drug dependence can be seen as essentially a person with substance use disorderive relationship with a particular substance(s), drug abuse can antagonize pre-existing mental condition, “disturbing the normal hierarchy of needs and desires.” (NIDA)

Finding quality medical care to support recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders is the first step on a journey toward lasting sobriety and a return to productivity.

The various stages of care following residential treatment, including intensive outpatient and outpatient services, are designed to provide support toward lasting sobriety. Outpatient treatment can offer a structured environment while allowing the newly sober person to return to their daily life.

Outpatient services are often available directly from residential rehab facilities, but the quality of care differs from treatment center to treatment center. Frequent outpatient sessions per week, usually give way to meeting only once per week to maintain sobriety.

Full-service residential rehabs like Cliffside Malibu have treatment programs designed to fit the needs of anyone who is ready to lead a substance-free lifestyle. Although admission to Cliffside is not appropriate for every person’s situation, for an individual seeking quality care in a luxury environment, our commitment to returning exceptional individuals back to leading productive lives is unparalleled.

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