October 26th is DEA National Take Back Day

On October 26th, DEA National Take Back Day will once again address a crucial public safety issue. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 9.9 million Americans misuse controlled prescription drugs – and that study indicates that most of these prescription drugs were either obtained from family and friends or found in the most-neglected staple of every bathroom: the medicine cabinet.

What’s the Purpose of DEA National Take Back Day?

DEA National Take Back Day gives individuals the chance to dispose of their unwanted prescription drugs in a safe, judgment-free environment. Cleaning out the average prescription drug collection removes the temptation and makes it easier to notice if items have gone missing. This is crucial because drug addiction is a prevalent concern in the United States.

  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 70,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in 2017.
  • Prescription opioid abuse alone costs the United States government $78.5 billion a year in services like healthcare, addiction treatment, and criminal justice involvement.
  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that young adults (age 18 to 25) are the biggest abusers of prescription opioid pain relievers, ADHD stimulants, and anti-anxiety drugs. Removing the option of in-home access to such addictive substances may be enough to stop young adults from ever trying them.

Participating in DEA National Take Back Day by safely disposing of prescription drugs you no longer use stops them from getting into the wrong hands. The primary goal of DEA National Take Back Day is to prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths.

How Can I Safely Dispose of My Prescription Drugs?

  • This year’s DEA National Take Back Day takes place on October 26, 2019, from 10 AM to 2 PM PST.
  • The DEA National Take Back Day offers a Collection Site locator on its website so individuals can find the nearest spot (within a 10 – 100+ mile radius) to drop their prescription drugs. Be sure to check back frequently, as new locations are being added all the time.
  • Once you find your drop-off spot, all you need to do is sort through your cabinets and collect any expired or unwanted pills.
  • If you miss this year’s National DEA Take Back Day, there’s always National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day on March 20th – along with a number of year-round collection sites.

What to Do If No collection Site is Available

  • Protect yourself. Remove personal information from bottles in order to keep your medical information private.
  • Don’t toss pills directly into the trash. If you must throw medicine in the trash, crush the pills first and place them in a sealable bag mixed with something unappealing like kitty litter, coffee grounds or dirt. This option doesn’t fully prevent these drugs from contaminating the environment, but it will deter curious animals or humans.
  • Do not flush drugs down the toilet. This sends the drugs directly into our water supply, and most drugs are not filtered out by wastewater treatment processes. According to Harvard Medical School, even trace amounts of medicine in the environment can harm marine life.
  • Check-in with your local drugstore. Increasingly, drug stores like CVS and Rite Aid are offering prescription drug disposal bins into which individuals can safely return unused drugs – regardless of where they were purchased.

Does DEA National Take Back Day Have a Real Impact?

DEA National Take Back Day gets real results. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration Diversion Control Division,  the 17th DEANational Take Back Day achieved the following in 2019:

  • Collection sites: 6,258.
  • Law enforcement participation: 4,969.
  • Total weight of drugs collected: 937,443 pounds. (That’s 468.72 tons!)
  • Since its inception, DEA National Take Back Day has collected a total of 11,816,393 pounds of prescription drugs.

Learn More About National DEA Take Back Day

Want to learn more about DEA National Take Back Day? There are a number of resources on its website, such as:

  • PSAs. These short, engaging videos feature parents, teens, politicians and even celebrities discussing the importance of monitoring your prescription drug collection and supporting DEA National Take Back Day’s motto: “Keep them safe. Clean them out. Take them back.”
  • Resources. DEA National Take Back Day provides a comprehensive list of informative links regarding prescription drug disposal, a database of illegal and legal drugs, drug scheduling, how law enforcement agencies can host a collection site, and promotional materials.

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