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My name is Ali ,28 years old guy and I am Muslim.I haven’t drink alcohol during this 28 years.The main reason of that is not the fact that it is forbidden by Islam;but it is because I have wanted to live healthy.

Although Islam takes an uncompromising stand towards alcohol and forbids its consumption in either small or large quantities,my main reason was understanding the philosophy of that,I didn’t rely to this point.I had search a lot to understanding the physical and mental effect of alcohol on brain and health.

I understood that although very low alcohol consumption can lad to, abuse consumption of that can be greatly harmful and adversely affects the mind and the body.

What is the reason of alcohol consuming and why I should drink it?It was the question that came to my mind  when my high school friends suggested drinking alcohol it to me.

Fun and having some enjoyable moments was the main reason of my friends and also most of consumer in my country;but this was only short-term sequence of drinking alcohol.I know some of people with this view that now are addicted to alcohol consumption.

I completely believe that each thing have its own price and value and we shouldn’t pay more than that price to have that .In drinking alcohol, we pay our money and most importantly our health in order to achieve some enjoyable moments???????It is not logical in my ideology.So consequently I didnt consumption alcohol in my life.

Another point is that some people think that the stressful life in this busy world or some other similar reasons can be convincing reason for them to alleviate their stress at least for moment. by drinking alcohol.I completely,disagree with this kind of people and I strongly agree that sport and regular exercises can greatly alliterate my stress in the short term and also can guarantee my health and my longer age(I think this can be most important reason that we can substitute long -term adverse consequence of alcohol  with long -term valuable consequence of sport).

Also I am so active and energize in life .I soundly great enjoy to communicate with people and learn so many think from them.I am not alone.I have so many nice friends and also I make good friend in each opportunity. I am so happy and all of this characteristic help me to be successful socialize character.All of these greatly help me to increase my spirit,self-confidence and direct me toward responsible person for society and relatives.Also,all of these reasons help me to have a health life and I don’t have any demand to harmful entertainments such as drink alcohol.

I participate in different social community such as CouchSurfing( the biggest community for hospitality exchange and social networking)

Participating in such societies and and taking responsibility in them(for example,I hold some gatherings such as English Free discussion gatherings) help me to increase my responsibility and my commitment to the society.And all of this work help me to don’t have any demand to harmful entertainments such as drink alcohol.

Another important point is that God give me ironic resolution and I make sure that if I want to taste a drinking alcohol only for experience it,I will not addict to it.I believe that my high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the main reason of that.

At the end,I want to add a nice sentence from Albert Einstein

A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men and women, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.

With mentioning this sentence ,I want to tell that we can have a great role in our society with helping to the people.

In the alcohol consumption topic, we can handle this issue with understanding the main root of this work in people in different range of ages and help them with introducing and presenting some successful person without alcohol consumption.

This successful persons can present their reason that why they didn’t and don’t drink alcohol and what can be substituted instead of alcohol.

Holding different communities in the society, can help people to have a better contribution in the society, make so many friend ,having more energize entertainment and becoming more socialize and all of them help to lower alcohol consumption.