Anybody who has suffered through an alcohol or drug addiction can tell
you the worst part is the detoxification process. The disease of
addiction can lead to physical and mental illness and even death if not
treated properly. Detoxification also known as “cold turkey” is often a
horrible, even painful forced abstinence from one’s poison of choice.
Urgent cravings, cramps, fever, and queasiness are some of the symptoms
a person with substance use disorder might experience during the withdrawal period. The
detoxication process should always be undertaken in a proper facility
for the safety of the individual and be observed by medical
professionals to insure expert treatment is rendered.

Choosing a facility for detoxification and rehab is a critical decision.
When choosing a facility certain concerns must be addressed. Distance
from areas where drugs can be obtained is very important, as is a
private location with a stress free peaceful environment. Just these two
factors alone contribute greatly to the successful detoxification and
recovery of the addict. When combined with an experienced staff of
medical, therapeutical, health, and nutrition experts, a solid plan
for recovery can be made and the individual can start to build the
foundation needed to beat their addiction.

The only facility on the planet that offers this kind of top quality treatment is
Cliffside Malibu in Los Angeles, California. Located on 2 quiet
beachfront acres on the coast of sunny Southern california yet far from
the noise and stress of urban Los Angeles, it is the perfect place for a
new beginning. Offering detoxification services as well as primary treatment
and extended care programs, Cliffside Malibu’s trained counselors are here to help you 24 hours a day.

When you recognize harmful patterns and seek treatment, you can increase your chances of leading a healthier life. Cliffside Malibu is here to support you in your search for an alcohol-free life. We believe you deserve to have a private, comfortable and luxurious environment as you navigate your journey to a sober life. Our center allows you to explore your mental health needs, creates a treatment plan that is unique to you and allows you to discover beneficial coping skills. To learn more about alcohol treatment at Cliffside Malibu, call (855) 403-5641.