Depression: Simple Ways to Help the One You Love

Living with depression can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, not only for the person who suffers with the condition, but for family and friends too. There are good days, but the bad days are often frequent and frustrating.  Yet despite these difficulties, it is critical to your loved one’s recovery to help them in any way you can. Even if the relationship at times feels one-sided, your loved one can heal from depression.  Here are a few suggestions to help make life a little easier when someone close to you is struggling with depression.

  • Make Routines Flexible:  Daily routines can sometimes become overwhelming and depression can make someone feel like they just cannot keep up with the constant demands life heaps on us. Help by being flexible on meal times or if you see something that needs to be done, do it instead of pointing it out. Your patience and flexibility will give your loved one some breathing room and perhaps hope.
  • Go Outside: The benefits of being outside are important for helping depression.  Taking a hike, having a picnic, or even laying on the grass in the sun can elevate mood and decrease anxiety through the natural release of serotonin in the brain. Sitting in the sunshine can help lift depression by the increased production of vitamin D.
  • Give Hugs:  Studies have shown that a good, long hug elevates the mood of the giver and receiver.  Depressed people often do not like to be touched, but a sincere, spontaneous hug given with no expectations can break give you both a lift.
  • Laugh: Laughing releases endorphins and studies show it can counteract symptoms of depression.  Helping someone smile by telling a good joke or story is a reward in itself.
  • Reassure them that You Still Care:  Depression causes people to feel guilty about lots of things, along with anger and feelings of worthlessness. They often fear they will end up alone. Frequent reminders of love can really help.

Sometimes it is the little things that we do that can help those we love the most.

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