The ability to find true life purpose

Treatment is one small part of life, but a memorable one. I will never forget my time at Cliffside for as long as I live. I now feel empowered by learning the fundamentals essential to full recovery and a long and prosperous life. Those basics included dealing with specific personal feelings and cravings, 24 hours per day every day, targeting every single issue that haunted me and doing so confidently. Also present is one of the most essential aspects to recovery in my opinion- that being the ability to find true life purpose as well as developing a greater vision for your future. Top all of that off with a thorough physical wellness program as well as activities to keep you entertained all day long, complete privacy along with luxurious comfort, and it is an unbeatable combination. Cliffside Malibu provided me with self-knowledge and spiritual principles that have allowed me to become the person I was meant to be, and removed my desire to use alcohol to escape my problems. I now realize that I have the strength to tackle any situation I encounter with confidence and wisdom. I have realized that others play a very important role in my life, in that they can add to an already happy and fulfilled life but they cannot be the source of that happiness. I learned what fears I had, even ones I never knew I had, and they were directing my choices, behavior, and attitudes. Now that I am no longer in bondage to these fears, I feel free and infinitely happier. I know that inpatient recovery at Cliffside was the perfect place for me at the perfect time. I never imagined that there were so many alternative treatments available. I am forever grateful.


Cliffside Malibu recognizes the sober curious movement but believes in the power of lifelong sobriety. For some, that’s doing the hard work in addiction treatment. At our luxurious, private center, you can dive into your questions about your alcohol intake, discuss the roots of your drinking or learn how your mental health can affect your drinking habits. You’re more than a patient to us; you are a person who chose to make Cliffside Malibu a part of your recovery family. Call (855) 403-5641 to schedule an appointment.