Percocet Rehab

As one of the most widely abused prescription painkillers, Percocet addiction is not matter to mess around with. Use of this opioid typically begins with a legitimate pain whether it be from a back surgery, new injury, or a chronic illness and then it seems to transition into a person with substance use disorderion that is out of control.

The next thing you know, the physical addiction to Percocet or painkillers is only outweighed by the emotional addiction you may feel. It’s not uncommon for abusers to find that managing their personal lives and emotions become a bit easier.

According to reports from, prescription painkiller addictions to opioids like Percocet and Oxycontin now unintentionally kill more people annually than cocaine and heroin overdoses and even alcohol poisoning. Seeking Percocet rehab treatment as soon as the addiction is recognized is the best way to foster success in conquering this demon.


Becoming a Percocet addict isn’t on anyone’s ‘to-do’ list, yet studies indicate that more than 75 percent of all painkiller addicts receive their prescriptions for their drug of choice from a reputable physician. These prescriptions initially serve valid medical purposes, yet once the addiction has kicked in, a person with substance use disorder will go to great lengths to convince their doctor to keep refilling that prescription.

Breaking free of Percocet addiction isn’t as easy as 1,2,3…it takes dedication and desire, and a program or treatment center for Percocet dependence treatment may be in order. Once you seek treatment, your chances of conquering the problem increase by tenfold. However, don’t feel lie you’re alone if you let a person with substance use disorderion to Percocet literally take over your life, break up your relationships, or cause you to unintentionally harm those around you.


Choosing the right Percocet rehab center will factor into whether or not you succeed in beating the addiction. Many programs are prefabricated and resemble cookie-cutter solutions that don’t actually reflect each individual patient’s needs. You won’t find that type of program at our Malibu Percocet rehab center. We tailor our programs to the individual patient, their needs, their goals, and make the experience of Percocet rehabilitation as seamless as possible while fostering long-term results.

When you choose a treatment center for painkiller addiction, you want to look for those that use evidence-based treatments supported empirically. You want a program with a proven record of accomplishment.


Detoxifying from prescription painkillers like Percocet requires the supervision of medical and psychological professionals. Most of the time, a period of Percocet detox will be required for those whose addiction has been ongoing. These cases call for a period of individual treatment for the Percocet detox. You want to avoid programs that offer a ‘rapid detox’ because those tend to be medically dangerous and have resulted in death. Recovery can be comfortable, safe, and effective in Percocet rehab when the right process is acknowledged.

From the moment you call Cliffside about your addiction to prescription painkillers, you’ll know your problem is understood and that you are among friends at our Malibu rehab center. Once your comfortable detox is complete, you’ll be ready to begin a regimen of one-on-one and group therapy, holistic Percocet therapies, and perhaps medications as determined by your physician.

Cliffside Malibu - Dual Diagnosis Behavioral and Mood Disorders


The better quality of care that you’ll receive at Cliffside becomes most apparent once you leave and experience the long-term results of freedom from your addiction. Treatment here is all about a combination of the program and your willingness to embrace it in effort to recover. Both are equally important to your success in Percocet rehab, as well as a few other factors including:

  • Long term treatment is more effective than short term treatment programs for painkiller addictions according to the NIDA.
  • Individualized programs are more likely to meet each client’s goals.
  • Staff friendliness and quality matter. Cliffside even employs a full-time addiction researcher to foster your recovery with the most innovative and progressive Percocet rehab therapies.
  • Face the inner core issues that fuel your prescription painkiller addiction and stop wearing a mask of contentedness every day that fosters your pain.
  • Sticker price should not be the primary option – you get what you pay for.

Defeat in rehab doesn’t need to be the rule for those struggling with Percocet addiction. At Cliffside Malibu rehab, we can show you how to live a person with substance use disorderion-free lifestyle, and we’ll guide you one step at a time all the way through painkiller rehab treatment. We want your last stop on the ride to ridding yourself of the addiction to be right here at Cliffside.


As with most treatments for prescription painkiller addiction, effective Percocet treatment may require a period of detox followed by a series of intensive psychotherapy treatments. We will do everything we can to make your detox as comfortable and pain-free as possible, but it is a trying experience. Our programs at Cliffside for Percocet rehab are based on solid, reliable evidence and our caring staff make a huge difference in the lives of our patients.

We are professional painkiller addiction specialists here at our Malibu rehab. Cliffside boasts on call experts 24/7 to help you deal with your Percocet addiction or any others you may be struggling with. Call our team of caring professionals today at (424) 320-3061 to see how we can help you recover sooner rather than later. You simply won’t find a more reputable, beautiful, or comfortable place for addiction recovery in Malibu than Cliffside, so give us a call today.


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