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Drug Addiction Treatment

With millions upon millions upon millions of Americans who are addicted to drugs every year, some of those millions of Americans seek drug addiction treatment. Many of the drug addicts recover, however, some of them don’t recover or they stay clean for a few months and then are back using drugs again. For those that fail, it was most likely the drug addiction treatment center or rehab that you stayed in. Maybe they didn’t teach you how to remain clean after rehab. Maybe they didn’t counsel you enough. Whatever they didn’t do they should have done. For drug abusers who are trying to become sober, understanding why some drug addiction treatment programs succeed and some drug treatment programs fail can be the difference between the addict’s life and death.

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Overcoming Drug Addiction

In 2004, an American study found that around twelve million Americans showed signs of an unhealthy dependence on the least one-habit forming substance (drugs, alcohol, etc.). The study found that almost twelve million Americans showed symptoms of drug addiction. Anyway, you cut it, that’s a very troubling number is it not?

Drug addiction is definitely not to be trifled with. Drug abuse can and does ruins families and relationships. If drug addiction remains untreated it will destroy individuals from the inside out, ultimately leaving them unable to find meaning in anything except their drug habits. Through their drug of choice, drug addicts are stripped of the very humanness that makes life worth living, of the hope and joy that make tomorrow a thing to be celebrated rather than dreaded and feared. The good news, though, is that drug addiction doesn’t have to have the last word. As noted above, drug addiction treatment and drug rehabs have helped millions of Americans to get sober and clean and stay sober and clean. Skilled drug treatment rescues lives as well as any firefighting team. Drug addiction treatment restores one’s freedom and helps the drug addicts rediscover themselves as they once were.

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How Treatment Works

How does drug addiction treatment help drug addicts achieve long-term sobriety? And, again, why do some drug treatment programs succeed and others fail (often spectacularly). At Cliffside Malibu we are committed to helping all of our patients meet their drug recovery goals. In order to achieve that, we are in the business of helping people to understand what exactly drug addiction treatment is: what it means to be the one who is addicted to a drug(s), and what it means to conquer drug addiction. It is important to realize that every drug user needs drug addiction treatment in order to get sober. There’s no such thing as “a little” addiction, or a “recreational” drug habit; you’re either addicted or you aren’t, and anyone who uses drugs with any kind of regularity is a prospective drug rehab patient.

How to Know if You Need Treatment

It’s one thing to develop an academic definition of what drug addiction is; it’s quite another to recognize it in yourself or a loved one or friend. Drug addiction treatment obviously can’t work if the drug addict never enters a drug rehab facility. Before that can happen, the addict must admit that they have a problem, and admit that they cannot solve it on their own. In other words, before a drug addict can become better (sober and clean), they have to realize that they are sick.

Drug addiction is characterized (broadly) by increasingly compulsive patterns of behavior. Because drug addicts are so ingrained to their drug habits, they will do anything to use. Drug addicts can be easily recognized by stark changes in values and lifestyle. If a loved one or friend that you care about seems to have become a different person almost overnight, they may need help. There is no single definite indication of drug abuse, but suffice it to say that you’ll very often know it when you see it. If you think a friend or loved one needs drug addiction treatment, you’re probably right.

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Choosing an Aftercare Program

Drug recovery doesn’t end with the first stage of drug addiction treatment in rehab. Indeed, drug rehab is in many ways a lifelong fight and journey, and so it’s important that recovery patients have access to continuing mechanisms of support upon leaving a drug addiction treatment facility. Aftercare programs can and do help recovered and recovering drug addicts bridge the gap between intensive drug addiction treatment rehab programs and independent sober living arrangements. These can be (and usually are) extremely vital to the recovering addict’s physical and emotional well-being. The best drug addiction treatment facilities are those that facilitate aftercare services for their clients, and it’s important for anyone entering drug rehab to be mindful of the continuing care available to them after their first month of treatment.

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