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Buprenex Rehab

From the very beginning, it is important that you understand that going through Buprenex rehab will not be an easy task. If rehab were ever that easy, no one would need it as they would be able to recover on their own. On the other hand, with an almost contradictory statement, your Buprenex rehab does not have to be overly difficult either. In the right rehabilitation center, one such as Cliffside Malibu, your Buprenex rehab will be trying, but not so much that sobriety will be out of your reach.

The funny thing about life is if it is too easy a task we do not learn from it and if it is to difficult a task, we give up on it. Cliffside Malibu takes this understanding about humans and life and creates a setting in which you have the best possible chance at successfully completing a Buprenex drug treatment program. You will find Cliffside Malibu tucked away on a private Malibu California beach estate. This is the first way we set you up for success as we make sure that you are removed from the media and the distractions of the city. Next, we ensure that you receive the individual attention that you deserve by making our center exclusive.

Luxury Rehab

As you will probably read on every drug rehab website, the Buprenex rehab you go through will start with detox. This is something that cannot be overemphasized because the more you know about the recovery process you will be going through, the better prepared you will be to succeed at it. Detox is defined as a medically controlled withdrawal where all remaining traces and/or toxins of a drug (including alcohol) is removed from your body.

Buprenex is defined as an opiate derived prescription pain killer commonly prescribed for chronic pain. Therefore, the very beginning, and we must say this is a crucial point in your recovery, of your Buprenex rehab will consist of going through a medically controlled Buprenex withdrawal. Medically controlled just means that you will be under the care of trained professionals who may be able to ease or eliminate many of your withdrawal symptoms and be able to offer medical care if and when needed.


Following your detox during the Buprenex rehab treatment, you will need to start an intensive psychotherapy routine. This is the only way that your Buprenex rehab will be successful and you can achieve lasting sobriety. Your addiction is not just mental or physical, it is both. This means that you need both types of treatments during your recovery process. Your addiction to Buprenex may have started innocent enough, only taking the narcotics as prescribed. However, as your addiction builds, your mind begin to associate the drug with pleasure and maybe even as an escape from reality. Moreover, you have to deal with the reasons you needed Buprenex in the first place as well as how to cope with life without it. There are a whole host of reasons on why you need intensive psychotherapy in treatment, just know that you will not reach sobriety without these therapies.

Rehab is Not Punishment

Now it is time that you realized that Buprenex rehab does not mean punishment. It may feel like it sometimes, especially when you are feeling weak from detox, but it is really quite the opposite. Buprenex rehab means help and support. This treatment means that you are in a position to change your life for the good. You may feel as if you are running a marathon and the finish line is always just out of reach but you must remember that it took a lot of strength to even enroll in Buprenex rehab and it is that strength that will get you through your treatment.

Cliffside Malibu wants to help you through your Buprenex substance abuse treatment by reminding you that you are strong enough and then giving you the tools you need to reach sobriety. We may offer you the luxuries to relax you as you go through the Buprenex rehab we are offering, but it is your strength, surrounded by our and your family’s support that will get you through it. The rehabilitation process is a very personal process that no one can make good or bad but you. The only thing we can show you is that it is not meant to be a punishment but rather an enlightenment.

Drug Addiction Rehab

Aside from successfully completing your Buprenex rehab programs, which is a huge accomplishment, one of the more difficult things you will have to do is learn how to move past it. Now this does not mean reaching sobriety, but rather learning how to live life outside of your treatment center and apply what you learned in Buprenex rehab to your real life. Moving past your Buprenex rehab can also refer to learning how to deal with things in real life without your narcotics. This is why Cliffside Malibu and any other effective rehab center will involve your family and set you up in an aftercare program. This will be your continued support once you have completed your treatment. Life will not automatically change once you return to it. Moreover, it will still be full of stresses and triggers. This is why you need continued support following your treatment so you can learn to deal with these things when you are no longer in a secure environment.


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