“What, exactly, happens in an intervention?” This is a question we are often asked by parents, spouses, children, other family members, and friends who call to inquire about addiction treatment for a loved one. They may have seen television shows about interventions or heard horror stories about interventions gone awry. People who ask this question desperately want help for their loved one and don’t know how to go about finding a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program for them. We can help.

Addiction Treatment for an Employee Malibu Luxury Rehab ProgramLoving an Addict Into Treatment

The first thing you’ll experience at Cliffside Malibu is a safe, comfortable medically-supervised detox. Our medical team will create a detoxification plan for you designed to keep you safe and make the process of separating from your drug(s) of choice as painless as possible. Do not fear this process. It is nothing like being “dope sick” or experiencing the “shakes” on your own. This can be a medicated-assisted procedure that will allow you to taper off the substances you’ve been abusing and minimize the potential complications of separating from drugs and alcohol. Do not attempt detox on your own. Rather, allow yourself to be treated by our consulting professionals who are industry leaders in providing addiction detox.

Individual Addiction Recovery Therapy Malibu Luxury RehabRole of the Intervention

Cliffside Malibu understands addiction as a behavioral disorder, not a disease. …and any behavior can be changed. You can recover. We meet you at your current stage of recovery using the Stages of Change model. Created by one of the world’s leading psychologists, the Stages of Change model allows us to walk with you hand in hand through the recovery process. When obstacles develop, we can navigate them together, helping to create optimal conditions for recovery. As you work through the change process, you become ready to navigate life outside the treatment center, something we will help you do with courage and competency.

Scheduling an Intervention for Your Loved One

An intervention can be a vital part of the addiction treatment process. In fact, it can be the very beginning of recovery for the addict you love. To learn more about interventions, to find out if an intervention is appropriate to your situation, or to schedule an intervention for the person you love, please call us at 424-320-3061.  An intake specialist is waiting for your call.