Damon Raskin MD

Dr. Damon Raskin has been doing what he loves for the past 19 years. He is a Board Certified Addiction Medicine specialist who has dedicated his career to helping his patients through both minor and major medical interventions and his interest in addiction medicine was fueled by helping people change their lives for the better and seeing their success. His greatest satisfaction as a doctor is seeing his patients make it through the hard times and transition into sobriety. Dr. Raskin regularly appears on local and national television programs to offer his medical expertise on current events and news stories. Dr. Raskin has been featured on such programs as ABC’s Nightline, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. Topics covered range from general medicine to geriatric health and addiction. Because of his expertise in addiction medicine, he is often asked to comment on breaking celebrity substance abuse news.

Dr. Raskin grew up in Los Angeles before moving up north to attend Stanford University for his undergraduate degree. After graduating with honors, he went to medical school at George Washington University where he graduated with “distinction.” He then moved back to Los Angeles to finish his internship and residency at UCLA.

Dr. Raskin first became involved with addiction medicine when he was hired as a consultant at a rehab center in Southern California before moving on to Cliffside Malibu as one of their medical specialists. At Cliffside Malibu Dr. Raskin works closely with patients who are going through detoxification. He believes that the detox process can be very dangerous and he stresses it is important that the addict doesn’t stop using suddenly since abrupt withdrawal can be as harmful as the actual addiction. Dr. Raskin recognizes that it is beneficial for the addicted patient to slowly and calmly re-train their bodies to function without drugs for optimal treatment.

There is a fine line between treating underlying legitimate cognitive issues with medicine and actual substance abuse, and that is where Dr. Raskin is most skilled. After the initial detox period, Dr. Raskin understands that sobriety is an on-going process and he feels gratified that he can help so many people achieve this goal. He strategizes with his patients on how to stay sober including, if needed, the use of medication; many times there are mental or psychological issues that need pharmaceutical assistance.

Dr. Raskin is married and has two young children and two dogs. And, while he is too busy to have a major hobby, he and his family–dogs included–enjoy long beach days in Malibu or hiking on the Pacific Palisades trails.