Nika Kalili, holds a Masters in Educational Psychology, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Nika’s field of interest and passion consists of promoting the deeper understanding of issues surrounding multiculturalism when working with the minority population. In addition Nika has been practicing in the mental health field and in substance abuse for over 13 years with the emphasis of applying psycho-dynamic and object relations theories to better understand attachment styles and the unconscious forces that can play in ones current behaviors, thoughts and emotions leading to addictions and other maladaptive behaviors. Nika believes awareness of the root cause of our problems alone may not bring about the changes ones is desiring. Therefore she uses the combination of Cognitive Therapy and strength based approaches in addition to the psycho-dynamics to challenge thinking patterns and valuing the capacity, skills, knowledge, connections and potentials that can bring into practice the ability to look beyond there presenting problems, childhood experiences and dare to making the incremental changes needed in creating the life they intended to live. Nika also works in her private practice and has achieved academic publishing and Author of Unveiling Iranian women’s beliefs and attitudes towards divorce, published in 2010 through Lambert Academic Publishing.