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What Should I Treat First, Depression or My Addiction?

Depression and Addiction Throughout life, everyone has bad days and low moments. We all get into a “funk” or have times…

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ptsd and addiction
PTSD and Trauma Leading to Addiction

If you feel as if your PTSD and addiction are linked, and your trauma is leading to addiction, chances are you…

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depression medication
Can I Become Addicted To My Depression Medication?

What is depression medication? Depression medication, also known as antidepressants, are prescription medications used to treat moderate to severe depression. When…

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mental health and addiction
Co-Occurring Mental Health and Addiction

What Is a Co-Occurring Disorder? Updated on 05/20/24 The coexistence of both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse use…

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Is Addiction Hereditary?

Looking at Your Family History It can be widely speculated that addiction can be hereditary. If there are addicts in your…

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depression and addiction
Depression and Addiction

How does depression cause addiction? Addiction is a common place issue amongst people who are experiencing a depressive disorder. Alcohol is…

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adhd and addiction
ADHD and Addiction

What is ADHD? ADHD is a behavioral disorder, which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a condition that either…

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Compulsive Overeating and Drug Addiction – The Surprising Parallels

Compulsive Overeating and Co-Occurring Disorders A recent Psychology Today article highlights the similarities between food addiction and drug addiction in an…

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Avoiding Sleep Aid Addiction

Sleep disorders sometimes require medication, but when this medication is used incorrectly or habitually, it becomes possible for a dependency to develop. There are several natural methods you can try to help relax and prepare your body for a good night’s rest.

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