Red Ribbon Week

What is Red Ribbon Week? Red Ribbon Week is October 23-31, a time to get involved in the fight against drugs and bullying. This week-long campaign is celebrated in schools nationwide and provides an opportunity for parents, students, and concerned individuals to take a stand against the violence and drug dependency that can wreak havoc […]

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Is Relapsing a Total Failure?

Relapsing is Part of Recovery Relapsing can be defined as going back to drug or alcohol abuse after a period of time of abstaining. Going through the treatment process can give you the tools needed to tackle coping with difficult situations and emotions instead of turning to drugs and alcohol. However, relapse can happen. Relapse […]

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New Jersey Establishes Drug Abuse Task Force

No one can argue that there isn’t an epidemic of prescription drug abuse in this country. We see the stories in newspapers across the nation every week. But what is perhaps startling for many are the statistics showing that this epidemic is most prevalent among people ages eighteen to twenty-five.  In New Jersey the problem […]

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